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fri 18 nov 2011

Skipping three days of work, I missed so much! There was a birthday party with Vegan pie. Arg! I'm so sad I missed it! A shipment came in, and they listened to an entire audio book without me!

Vegan Pie! Arg!

So anyway, I came home exhausted... and really wanted to go to sleep. Just sleep. Nothing else. But then, "oh wait. I have to blog." Well. May as well have some fun whilst we're not sleeping...

*having a few drinks*

not tea. heh.

sweet gum ball

So. Honestly, you shouldn't encourage me when it comes to leaf photos. ;)

I love leaves.

I don't indulge in my leafy love very often tho. It's hard to get good photos of leaves, because the one leaf I love is surrounded by dozens of other leaves I might love as well!

ha! Probably why I love autumn so much... everyone is looking at the leaves, not just me!

sweet gum ball

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