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fri 23 sept 2011

Yay, the weekend!

Sadly, I feel another lazy weekend coming on!


Well. I do have a couple of crafty things on my list of things to do. And there's that garden thing, so I'm sure there will be pics and tales of carrots and such. (alive or dead, that is the question!)

Okay, so in the meantime... a link or two that I want to keep track of...

  Share Your Nature Sightings
an interesting article about bird watching and websites!

  Copic Colour Spotlights: E33 Sand, Y17 Golden Yellow and BG10 Cool Shadow
I love this series over at the Copic blog! Marianne is making the most wonderful drawings based on these colours!! The E33 especially resonated with me since I was reading Rachel Carson's The Edge of the Sea... and here is Marianne making art of it!! :)

  Banned Books Week, Sept 24 - Oct 1
Heck Yeah, I read banned books!!

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