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sun 24 apr 2011

*sighs* did not get much done this weekend. People should not have these lazy feelings in the spring time! There is so much to do!

Did get out to the community garden plot this morning. No pictures, tho: It's not a pretty sight! heh. The weeds are coming up between the boxes that SO laid down over the winter. And the boxes are starting to break down, which is a good thing, but we need to pick out all the packing tape.

Today, SO and I worked on the weeds on the evil neighbor side. They are evil because they are real gardeners, with raised beds and a pissy-ness about our "weeds". But, we've got a really invasive and annoying weed on that side of our plot... and even I want to get rid of it!

So, we turned over the plants with our forks. And then put some cardboard over them. The lack of sunshine... probably won't work on this particular batch of very tough weeds, so I'm planning to plant some Borage over there as well. I think (or hope) the borage will take over. Plus the bees will be really happy. They love borage!

Planted some peas and a salad mix that I got from my seed trade over at the Vegan Fox Swap. Peas and lettuce are both cold happy plants. But I need to look up the "last frost date" for our area... because most of the vegetables I want say to plant after that date.

Here's a site...
  Frost Chart for USA
Click the "planting dates by zip code" link!

hmm. I see I am late already on many of my planned plantings. Typical.

Still. I am going to try to be a semi-real gardener this year. My main goal is to visit the garden plot more than just once a week. I do depend on SO to do waterings through the week (it gets terribly dry here in the summer), but I should stop by and do some weeding. and stuff!

*sighs again* I just don't have Gardening in my soul. Ya know? It's more like work to me. And I like to avoid work, when I can.

Stay tuned!

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