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National Blog Posting Month PRIZE!
sun 28 nov 2010

Boo and Glitter pens

Here's guinea pig Boo with the prize I am offering for National Blog Posting Month: all 24 colours of the atyou Spica Glitter pens!

From the makers of COPIC markers comes the Spica glitter pen. This pen comes in 24 transparent colors and contains pigment based, non-toxic, acid-free ink. It is archival and has a no-clog tip. Best of all this pen will write for over 360 yards- twice the length of other writing pens. It is perfect for adding sparkle to your scrapbooks and craft projects.

atyou Spica Glitter Pen Color Chart
The "A" set includes: Lavender, Pink, Red, Orange, Lemon, Melon, Olive, Turquoise, Sky Blue, Black, Gold and Silver.
The "B" set includes: Clear, Pitch Black, Garnet, Lipstick, Blossom, Chocolate, Sand, Peach, Buttermilk, Lilac, Baby Blue and Mint

I use these glitter pens all the time, in my journal and on postcards and for random notes. I really like the colours and the very elegant glitter. And I am happy to offer them as a prize!

  the list of this year's NaBloPoMo Prizes... yeah, I hope I win something! (I never win anything!) :)

Prize won on 1 dec 2009 by
Karla May of Pine Curtain Refugee

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