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sat 27 nov 2010

I am coming to the end of my current paper journal. It is a letter-sized, spiral bound notebook with 100 unlined sheets of pretty good quality paper.

I don't journal like I used to: I've been writing in this notebook since February. So, I've spent some time with this notebook, and I'm going to miss it... but I am ready for something new!

A bound book maybe. Something smaller maybe. These are the choices...

blank books on hand

(some of my blank journals, with Mr. Mango and The Motivator Bunny modeling.)

I am leaning towards the dark blue book at the bottom of the stack... I like the colours and the heft, the pages are 6.25x7.75 and the book opens flat. Not sure about the paper quality, and the tag says 400 pages... that's a lot!

The vertical striped one seems to have better paper. The next one is a double spiral from my day job: excellent paper, 5x7. The purple and brown horizontal strip is about the same size, but has lined, thin paper.

The dark red one was a gift (*waves at AJ*!) with luxurious cotton rag paper. It's small tho, about 4x6. As is the "Sugar Cane" double spiral notebook at the right-most. Postcard size! Plus I love the Tree-Free papers in both of these!

But I also have a huge 11x14 (not in the pic), beckoning.

So: thinking about the blue book with the different colours. The "problem" with bound books... when you start sticking things in them, they kinda expand. To a point, this is artistically attractive. But you keep this up and the book starts falling apart. With 400 pages, I can see this happening pretty quickly.

So... The remedy for this, write and draw and doodle more!

(or rip pages out to make room? ugh! I'm not sure I can do this in a bound book!)

Writing more? In the past couple of years much of my writing has been "transferred" to my blog and the postcards. I have gotten out of the paper journalling habit!


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