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fri 26 nov 2010

This morning, I was thinking new thoughts.

I had kind of decided that maybe I want to learn how to knit. I do pretty well at the crochet, but it seems like every time I see a pattern I'd like to try out, it's always a knit pattern. Arg.

In my Internetting this morning, I ran into a little free ebook of Learn How To Knit. Perfect! I'll download this, maybe the next time I go to the store, I'll pick up some knitting needles, I already have tons of string to work with...

The download never happened. Maybe my connection was flaky. Maybe the site was flaky. I did try like six or seven times before I gave up. sighs.

After a little while, I got over my disappointment and tried something else... I installed my new desktop publishing software! Yay.

The OpenType thing that I was interested in... the user guide it said that these OpenType fonts had little extra capabilities. You could add "swashes"!! or small caps or petite caps or make pretty fractions. Or other things, depending on the font.

So I checked out the OpenType thing as soon as I got the program installed.

uh huh. I have all these fonts that say they are OpenType. But none of them have the extra capabilities.

Darn it. I really wanted a few Swashes! Just one! would have made me happy. But no.

Well, anyway. Hope you had a great Buy Nothing Day! I bought nothing today... Not sure what I am going to protest tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out!!


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