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Letter Writing
sun 21 nov 2010

I am surfing through some letter writing blogs this morning.

Technically, I do not write letters. I do send out quite a bit of mail tho... in the form of postcards. I am thinking about experimenting with some over-size postcards so I can write a bit more. And of course, there are the typewriters that I may some day use to type letters.

Anyway. I really enjoy reading the letter writing blogs. The links led me to this blog post from last year:
  Epistolary Books Part 1

The author talks about a couple of her favorite books, which are written in letter format. At the end of her post, she asks, Do you think the art of letter writing is dead?

There are about a million comments, and I've been reading through them. Many people say the art of letter writing is dead, or dying, or has transformed into emails and blogs.

Most people say they love receiving a letter, but won't write one. Just a handful of the commenters do write letters. And only occasionally get a letter reply.

My thoughts? heh, I get mail every couple of days from PostCrossing. And if I were better about timely replies, I would have a handful of regular pen pals as well.

The Art of Letter Writing is not dead.

It is an Art, tho. Capital letter A and everything, and letter writing definitely intimidates people!

But there will always be artists. And I think that as long as we have postal services, there will be letter writers. And postcarders!

You just have to find the right web sites, and put a stamp on something every once in a while! :)

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