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sat 20 nov 2010

A saturday without a To Do List of junk I "should" be doing... quite pleasant, actually.

This morning, I decided I wanted to send some postcards. So I played on PostCrossing.

In printing up the postcards, I had to replace my magenta ink. Wondering how long these inks last in the new-to-me printer, so I'm writing down every time I have to replace a cartridge. Each cartridge is normally 12 or 13$, if I get on an Amazon subscription, I get them for 8.50$ I think it was?

When I got this printer, I decided to upgrade my desktop publishing software. I haven't installed the software yet because I am reading the user guide.

I like to read the user guide of major programs even when I've been using the program for years, because I'll always discover new tricks or old shortcuts that have suddenly become relevant.

I really love my desktop publishing software, and I've been using it for eleven or twelve years, at least! It's called Page Plus by Serif and I'm on version X5.

Or I would be on version X5 if I would install it!

I had about 200 pages left to read in the user guide... which is about how many pages I read in a week. Approximately.

oof! Read Faster!!

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