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wed 3 nov 2010

I am part of a monthly postcard exchange group. The first postcard I ever sent was to that group in July 2008. I kind of wanted to do more than just once a month postcards, and the group encouraged me to join PostCrossing.

That got me hooked. I've been a member at PostCrossing for about two years now. I've sent 202 postcards from PostCrossing, so far!

I try to keep track of the postcards that go out my door... I did a quick count and I've been sending between 40 and 60 postcards every month!

crazy, huh? ("60" even surprised me!)

Postcards are such an easy and fun little project. I've got a template set up in my desktop publishing software, and I can whip a digital photo into postcard shape in just a few seconds. Print it up, cut it out. Write a few sentences on the back, stick on a stamp... and that's a little piece of ART, and _I_ made it, and it's going to make somebody very happy at their mailbox!


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