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eBook Rant
tues 26 oct 2010


I bought my Palm handheld in August 2003, for the primary purpose of reading ebooks (and the secondary purposes of playing games, listening to mp3s, typing "away" from my computer, drawing, book database, and etc!).

So: ebooks. Some ebooks I bought, from Fictionwise. Some ebooks I converted from text, from the Gutenberg Project.

Things were very happy for many years.

But then, Barnes & Noble bought the wonderful Fictionwise last year. Things at Fictionwise have steadily gone downhill from there.

I knew the prices would be raised, because that's just B&N. I was quite concerned when they closed down the Fictionwise Yahoo group. It had been quite active until then.

And then I noticed the ebooks I wanted to read were not on Fictionwise... but they were on Amazon's digital format.

I continued to be ever more annoyed by this fact. The ebooks I wanted to read piled up and piled up. And recently, I started wondering if I should buy a Kindle, Amazon's digital reading device.

Thinking very very seriously about it... even tho the Kindle is not back-lit which is a MAJOR drawback in my situation.

So today, at the day job, one of my friends highly recommends the best seller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Fictionwise (aka digital B&N) price: $14.95
(Member price: $12.71)

Amazon paperback: $5.48
Amazon Kindle: $5.21

ugh. I feel kind of sick!

Usually the Kindle price at Amazon is $10. I would not have minded paying almost 3$ more to read the book on my handheld (since I am a Fictionwise Member).

But paying 7.50$ more for the book?

at that rate, the Kindle will pay for itself in short order!

But I have a serious problem buying a propriatary format device!!! That isn't even back-lit!! And has zero secondary purposes!!!


I'm just not sure if I can do it...

ugh! But the ebooks I could read...

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