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sat 23 oct 2010

It's Happy!

Happy Things! Lovely LaLOOFah told me my blog made her happy. It's a Happy Award!

So now I have to list the things that make me happy...

  Being Vegan! It's the best, I tell you. You should be vegan, too... otherwise you will never know true joy! :D

  Animals! Yep. all of them. even, on occasion, the human animal. :)

  Nature! *nods*

  Books! Not just reading books, altho that's nice too. But having books, knowing I have so many different things to read, getting new books from Ed the UPS guy, books lying in stacks around the house (and on the computer and handheld) because I don't have a place to put them. These things make me happy.

  Getting a note from a friend! :)

  Making Things! A crochet project or a postcard or whatever... I think about how happy the person will be when they rcv this thing that I've made. It's just an awesome feeling!

  Green Growing Things! The wild ones, the domesticated ones. Trees make me happy, shrubbery, flowers, grass, my house plants, everything at the garden, everything in the forest, everything in the desert, everything in-between, they all make me happy!

  Hugs from my Significant Other! :)

  Diversity! A... uh... complicated thing to be happy about. *laughs*

  Frogs Singing! I love all animals, of course. But hearing frogs singing strikes a special chord with me. It's the most beautiful sound. The fact that there are still frogs around... kind of amazes me. Humans will kill them off eventually, but now, I feel privileged to be able to hear them.

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