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postcards continued
sun 23 may 2010

Even tho my monthly postcard mailing is starting to get a little bit Unwieldy (22 postcards this time)... I still absolutely love sending them out.

And I started reading the book, Good Mail Day which is about mail art... Good reading plus interesting photos of mail and postcards and envelopes and artistamps.

And now I want to re-engage my PostCrossing account.

But, I don't have time to add another ongoing project to my life. Which makes me want to dump my entire life and just start over.

heh. Too bad I like my day job so much, and paying rent is kinda nice as well. ;)

In truth, I have so many interestes and hobbies! I *could* dump my life and "start over" but I'd have the exact same problem. Running out of time to do all these cool things that I want to do!

oh well.

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