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sat 22 may 2010

Thinking about getting to my May postcards this morning, and I was considering the origins of my postcard obsession.

In March 2008, the Yahoo group Purple Ink shut down. It was a large group of people who did paper journals (and many trades and exchanges), and I had been lurking there for a very long time. I was incredibly sad to see it go. As were hundreds of members.

I joined one of the spin-off groups, Blue Haze. It was a small group but they re-started the postcard exchange almost immediately. Which I decided to join.

My first postcard was a drawing... of one of my stuffed animals! :) With some text that defined what a "vegan" was. :) I sent it in July 2008.

And I've been making postcards monthly ever since then!

In September 2008, I joined PostCrossing, with the encouragement of the memembers of Blue Haze. Oh, I loved it! I sent postcards to the world, all through 2009.

At the end of 2009, with the holidays, I got bogged down with responsibilities. I put the PostCrossing on hold. And it's still on hold, now six months later!

But I continue with my monthly postcards at Blue Haze.

It's important to me!

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