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sun 16 may 2010

Last year at our community garden, a local gardening company donated a bunch of flats of herbs and plants that they hadn't sold. It was late in the season, and the cilantro I got went to seed immediately... I hoped to have baby cilantros this year. No such luck.

But I signed up for their occasional newsletter, and it always has something interesting to say.

The last one I got: Garden News, issue 32 mentioned frost dates and gave a link so you can figure your own frost dates: Freeze and Frost Data for the US

The Average Last Frost date here is 22 April, and the Last Frost is 24 May.

Which means it is probably mostly safe to put the bigger house plants outside. Kind of a big deal, since I have two "trees" taking up space in the porch room!

darn it, I still haven't drawn a divider line. :/

plants on the bike

The Basils and Cilantros we bought at Saturday Market last week have been hanging out in our tiny town house all week. Today, we took a bike ride to our community garden plot. The plants were shocked about the bike... I suppose any plants, without legs -- or wheels -- would be terrified at these motions and speeds!

So, they were a bit droopy and depressed when we arrived at the garden. I hope they will perk up, now that they are in the ground. (But I fear I may have killed them.) (Which makes me sad.)

Both the cherry tomato plants we planted last weekend, had lovely yellow blossoms. :) And the other plants; cucumbers, peppers and egg plant, seemed to be doing well. Perhaps three seedlings from the Zinnia seeds I planted last weekend?

And I found a second Strawberry plant growing in amongst the yellow wild flower "weeds".

There were a lot of people at the Community Garden today, but no one bothered us. This made for a much more enjoyable garden time today. I am just not a people-person, and I like quiet-time when I am at the garden.

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