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busy saturday
sat 15 may 2010

Yep. Busy.

A few hours of day job junk this morning. A few errands and chores this afternoon. Then the Significant Other took me out to eat for dinner at a new place. And now my weekend has finally begun!

One of my errands included a stop at the craft store to get some string. I have been using Caron's Simply Soft Eco, and I really like it and want more. Unfortunately, the place I originally got it isn't selling anymore.

This other place, I went to this afternoon, didn't sell the Eco kind either. Major disappointment! I guess I'll be doing the rest of my shopping online.

I find the whole situation very weird, considering I live in such a "green" town. Apparently, the crafters here aren't very green. *a curse on them!*

So anyway. Here it is; the start of my one day weekend, and I am mildly annoyed. *grumble grumble*

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