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sat 8 may 2010

First plants in the garden

At Saturday Market we stopped at Morning Sun Organics and bought our first plants of the season!

We got a couple cherry tomatoes, "Sweetie" heirlooms. a Slicing Cucumber and a Japanese cucumber called Suyo Long. A baby eggplant. And SO got a couple of peppers: Jalapeno and Thai Dragon.

Also got, but haven't planted yet, some basil and cilantro.

And of course, I put some flower seeds into the front of our plot. Some Zinnias. Looking at the packet, I determined it was probably early to plant. So I saved a bunch of the seeds to plant later. Anyway, this variety is called "Giant Fantasy" which makes me smile. :)

And, I can't remember if I've mentioned this, but in the back right corner of our garden... one of the strawberry plants from last year has returned! Just the lonely one, tho. We'll have to get more!

I am happy with the plants we got today. But now I'm wishing I had gotten at least one pretty flower to display.

The food plants are nice and all. But our garden plot is for enjoyment, first and foremost. And the things I enjoy are colours and art! And flowers... including and especially wild flowers... are that.

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