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fri 7 may 2010

first one

Yay! Blooming iris! Actually, this photo is from yesterday... today there are three blooms! :)

The iris bulbs were a present from my mom when we moved into our townhouse here about five years ago. So it's entirely appropriate that they are blooming so close to Mother's Day! :)

Also fixin' to bloom, my precious African Violet! This plant was a cutting from my Grandma. She is currently in assisted living, and recovering from a stroke she had about a month ago. She seems to be healing quite well.

Anyway, the African Violets are the darkest shade of magenta. It always makes me happy when the main plant deems the world worthy of it's blooms. heh.

African Violets clone themselves like crazy. Every time I accidently break off a leaf, I set it in the dirt somewhere and there's a new plant growing, or several. I've got this extra pot, where I planted two leaves and actually took care of them... now the pot is so full of leaves it's just crazy!

Pictures for another blog post, I suppose. (because I'm too lazy to do it now!)

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