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Copic Drawing
tues 13 apr 2010

I work at the Copic Warehouse, in the shipping department. At the moment we've got two different brands of dunage paper. Dunage is the newsprint-type paper that we use as padding around some of the more fragile things we ship out. (not the markers tho: they're tough!)

Anyway. A couple rolls of the dunage paper are very close to newspaper, but this other roll had thicker paper and a was brighter white. I was saying it's practically like drawing paper, it's so crisp and white.

"okay," says the supervisor. "You should draw something and we can pack it into the top of this box!" haha! I did!

Dunage Drawing

The paper is 27inches tall, and I included the markers I used to give a sense of scale! Fortunately we had a couple markers laying around. (*laughs*, no we didn't just pull them off the shelf!)

And I discovered a love of Wide markers! *Swoop, Swoop* and it's done! The outline of the flower was done with a regular Sketch marker. And unfortunately, my green Ciao marker has run dry (needs a refill!), so I used a Melon Spica Glitter pen to scribble in the stem!

And yeah, we crunched up the paper and used it as stuffing in a box to MacPherson's (an art supply distributer). Hopefully that will make a warehouse worker there very happy. :)

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