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thurs 8 apr 2010

I am looking forward to the weekend because I have so much to do!!

Projects near completion

  March postcards. (heh, I know it's april!)

  The Single Cable scarf. (just a few inches to go!)

Projects that MUST be done

  my Round Robin Art Journal. (needs to be in the mail around the 13th.) (more about this project later!)

  Spend time on  Snuggles Project website. (because I've not even been there all week... how am I going to encourage participation when I don't even participate?!)

Projects that SHOULD be worked on

  Start weeding at the Community Garden plot!!!

  the Sunflower site design. (needs some divider lines, and some non-∞ bullet graphics. oh, did I mention I wanted to have an About page again? yeah, that too.)

  Some reading. (Really want to buy some new books, but feeling excessively guilty about the unread book pile.) (me? guilty about books? yeah, that's new. pleh.)

  April Postcards!

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