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the boss
fri 22 jan 2010

The Copic warehouse supervisor has been "incapacitated" all week... and in her place, I am the boss of the warehouse. It's not a costume that fits me at all. Here are a couple examples of my leadership style...

Currently, half the warehouse workers are college students, and on friday, everyone trickles in at some point during the morning.

H comes in and asks what she should do. "Um," I say as I look around. There's a little bit of work over here, and a bit to do over there. I look at H, "I don't know... What do You want to do?" She grins and tells me and I say "Okay!" heh.

Towards the end of the day, one of the people notices we're getting low on orders. "What are we going to do, Cheri? You're the boss! Tell us what to do!"

uhoh! Cheri says: I don't know what to do! Start Panicking!!

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