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oof, stupid monday anyway
mon 18 jan 2010

A tiresome day at work... the warehouse manager is out of the country and the supervisor is "incapacitated", so I've been the boss of the warehouse since last Thursday. And it's starting to wear on me.

I hate having to figure out what everyone else is supposed to do! I can barely figure out what _I'm_ supposed to do! heh. And I have to answer questions and solve everybody's problems, and I haven't learned how to delegate yet.

Work is just not Fun anymore! I want to Quit! *whine*

Significant Other wanted to watch a movie when I got home from work. Normally, I can't be bothered with a movie; it takes too long and I have things to do. But tonight it got my mind off work, so that's good

The movie was Paranormal Activity... nice and scary, tho the ending was a little bit cheezy. ;)

I'm still pretty grumpy about work. I'll probably show up there again tomorrow. But if anyone annoys me, I'm gonna walk home!

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