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apparently getting old
sun 17 jan 2010

I was having a very pleasant sunday... it's raining outside and I am all cozy inside happily reading my books.

This afternoon I got online and checked one of my emails. The top subject title says:
Your domain STATIC8.COM has expired


Oh, Jeez, it expired THREE DAYS AGO! I am always on top of these things! My web site is my LIFE. I do NOT forget to pay my rent, no matter what!

And I had forgotten. Anything could have happened in those three days! Some one could have stolen my domain out from under me!

ugh. How could I have forgotten? I check on my domain every year, at the beginning of the year, and this time I just didn't. Is my memory going in my old age?

The other day I was walking down the sidewalk, coming up to an apartment driveway, I saw a SUV whip around the corner in the apartment parking lot and I decided to stop and let them go by. The lady had a truck full of kids but she noticed me as she jammed to a stop. Before hurrying on her way she said, "Sorry Ma'am," through her open window.

I smiled at her but I was all "ma'am"?? are you kidding me? I've got a hat on my head, hiding my greying hair... and I still look like a "ma'am"?

I'm 36 and I'm feeling kind of old right now!

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