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Vellum and Vegan Art Supplies
fri 8 jan 2010

A note from my vegan friend, LaLooFah, and I realized I should probably address this issue.

Vellum! I talked about getting some yesterday (and darn it, I forgot it at work, and I really wanted to play with the big sheets this weekend, arg.)

Anyway. Vellum! In the days of yore, vellum was made out of the skin of a dead animal (maybe even a baby animal). *sad* *and very not-vegan* The skin was processed by scraping, wetting, drying, bleaching, stretching, and liming to make a writing surface that was translucent.

These days, the "vellum" that you buy in the art stores is actually called "paper vellum" and it is plasticized cotton! Yay Vegan!

[They do still sell the dead animal kind of vellum... but you will notice it in the price. One sheet of it costs over 30$. But please don't buy it, okay, because you'll make me cry.]

Vegan Artists... yeah, we have to question these things. And it would be super-great to have a web site where we could share stuff like this!

I wish Veganica was a real website. They are not entirely vegan ( :/ they allow vegetarians), but they are about art! One post a month, if you're lucky, does not constitute a "real" web site, tho!

eh. Future project?


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