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thurs 7 jan 2010

So. You may have noticed that I'm blogging every day.

I actually didn't want to do a blogging month in January. I wanted to focus my attention on some art projects. And my paper journal.

But the art projects and journal haven't gotten... organized yet. So I'm blogging instead, just to give myself a feeling that I haven't completely wasted the day!

Today at lunch, Marianne was chatting and all of a sudden she offered me a couple sheets of vellum. Stuff to draw on? heck yeah, I jumped.

She gave me two sheets that were so big they didn't even fit in my backpack. (so they're still at work right now.) and a bunch of little bits that are approximately the size of ATCs. [Artist Trading Cards] [ATC Primer]

So hopefully these gifts will nudge me into the art direction that I want 2010 to go in!

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