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xmas snow
mon 4 jan 2010

First day back at work after the two week winter break... ugh! Plus my rib cage is not quite healed from a uh sledding incident. So I had to pack my boxes rather gingerly.

When we arrived in Iowa, there was a good bit of snow on the ground... And then christmas eve day we got a real live blizzard. Which was scary since most of the rest of my family was trying to travel in it. The snow was so dry, the wind blew it all over the place, making huge drifts across the road and next to impossible driving conditions.

But everyone stayed alive! And you'd think an extra foot of snow would be great for the sledding. But not really... so powdery, the little sled just sank down into it and wouldn't go anywhere. The long sled was okay, but not very fast.

The snow board WAS fun, because you didn't go fast enough for your life to flash in front of you. I'm pretty bad at snow boarding tho... I have to fall down three times before I get to the bottom of the hill.

My last sled run, was so boring I decided to keep going and dump myself into the ditch at the bottom of the hill for some excitement. I was going down on my stomach, face first, and when I was going over the edge of the ditch and saw how deep it was... probably six or seven feet, practically straight down... I decided face first might kill me and rolling down sideways might be much more pleasant.

Yeah, I may have twisted and pulled a few things in my back as I "re-positioned" myself on the way down.

As I was laying there at the bottom, in the frozen creek, looking up at the sky, I figured, "well. If I've paralyzed myself, I guess they'll come looking for me in a little while."


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