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xmas scarves
sun 3 jan 2010

Easy Scarves

Two for the Road scarf

Xmas Tree scarf

Yep: those were the things that were keeping me occupied for the last 3.5 months of the year. Scarves for Mom, Gram, Brother and Dad!

I had actually started the black scarf in the middle in Sept. The pattern looked fun and the directions said "Easy" and I was going to whip up four of these scarves, and be so happy with my homemade gifts that were finished with months to spare!

*scoffing* Yeah Right!

The stitches were interesting, but I had to rip them out several times over and use different sized crochet hooks... even so, the width of my poor, pathetic scarf ... had much variation. *nods* And I never did get the hang of the Lacy Grit: I had to put a normal row in between the Lacy rows. *pppbbbtttthhh*

But, yeah, it got done eventually after being abandoned a couple times to make the two Easy Scarves.

And then my pride and joy! laughs... my xmas tree scarf. Black scarf with a green triangle at both ends... the brown trunk and yellow star are sewn in. I was going to sew some blue garland and some white snowflakes... but I quickly discovered how much I hate embroidery! It's Not fun At All!

But still, I love that scarf! I made it! And I designed it! I am Brilliant!

Also Brilliant: My Friend LaLooFah... Happy Birthday!!!

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