"Pastel Swirl" Design Showcase

This place is anything but Static. My site is quite dynamic, in fact. The Static I am talking about is the physical kind. It's the white noise between the channels that nobody listens to. It's the pure manifestation of Chaos...

cheri's Static: My Thoughts on Random Subjects
17 June - September 1999
This web design was created using:
  • TeraLogic Texture Maker 32 I used this program's "witch" function to come up with the original graphic. After lots of tweaking to said graphic I also used this program to create the seamless side bar.
    (note: this program is no longer in existance. The old URL now leads to Infinity Textures - The Seamless Texture Generator)
  • Adobe PhotoDeluxe I used layers and the Twirl plug-in filter to create the swirl.
  • Paint Shop Pro 5 Minor tweaks to all graphics were made in this program.
  • Buttonz and Tilz made making buttons a snap. (url no longer exists)
  • NoteTab I write all my html code with this excellent freeware.
  • ANYBrowser verifies html coding.

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