"Mushroom" Design Showcase

3 May 2000   

I had so much fun making the seamless tile on my last design, Waterlily, that I decided to make some more. This design has two seamless tiles, one across the top of the page, and a vertical tile to the left of this text. These tiles are made by hand with a simple cut and paste and then painting away the seam. I bet you can't find it! Hint: The seam runs right through the little mushroom to the left of the big red one. :)

This design looks the same on all browsers and all monitors, including WebTV. All the graphics come from a single photo that was in a graphics pack I bought from Serif, Inc. (This company no longer offers stock photos, but they do have a great, competitive desktop publishing program) I manipulated the graphics with Paint Shop Pro 5, and I write my html by hand in NoteTab Professional.

One of these days I will design a page with an entirely different look. But for now, this particular setup is working quite well for me. :)

Making seamless tiles is fun!

Writing energy is like anything else: The more you put in, the more you get out.
-- Richard Reeves

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