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I ran across the idea of webring welcome pages a couple years ago. I was visiting a massive site, well organized, which belonged to many web rings. Each webring got it's own individual web page that directed webring surfers to the relevant areas of the site.

At the time I thought this was just ingenious. Instead of cluttering up a main page, you could create a simple splash page for the web ring. In order to keep the webring code active, you just direct surfers to a new browser window. When they close that window, they are back with the ring code.

So. Here I am, a year later, implementing the idea for myself. The originator of the idea? Still around... You can go read more about welcome pages at: James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door: Webring Welcome Pages FAQ.

  • Chemical Butterfly Webring Joined: April 2000
    We intend to include pages featuring graphic art, flash or flash cartoons, as well as poetry and essays that are original works. Sites also consisting of interesting material that is presented in a neat manner will be considered. Some things I consider to be interesting are web design tutorials, anything concerning philosophy, psychology, religion, quotations, literature, Renaissance, art, music, and personal observations.

  • Incoherent Webring Joined: October 1999
    incoherent is a webring for people. for people who write, people who express themselves, their deepest thoughts and feelings. through journals, writings, thoughts, observations. with wit, sardonism and some element of devil-may-care attitude. incoherent is for people who express themselves in a stream of consciousness, whose thoughts and emotions merge to become incoherent to all except those who understand. it's for people with wild thoughts, poisonous thoughts; for people who are angels and with happy dispositions; it's for depressives and neurotics ... for normal people. people like me. people like you.

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