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Squaw Peak

Just a little hike on the Squaw Peak Circumference Trail. Oh, except the Circumference trail we took, didn't actually go all the way around the mountain. heh, whatever, eh?

So, we walked around the hills on the Circumference trail until it fizzled out and then we caught the Alternate Peak Summit Trail. This was a really nice trail and we didn't see Anyone else on this trail... which made it perfect, in my book!

We didn't go all the way to the top, tho. The 'Net said the Summit Trail was difficult and we didn't feel like exerting ourselves that much. :)

Looking towards the city from the trail

This is on the Circumference trail, looking towards the city of Phoenix, you can just barely make out the buildings of downtown. Squaw Peak is not shown in the pic, but would be off to the right.

Critter Sightings on the trail:

· Yay, another hummingbird!

· More ground squirrels!

· And a snake! I love snakes. Mom, not so much. heh. I just barely glimpsed this one as it slid off the trail ahead of us. Looked to be about two feet long, or so, tho I didn't get to see it's head. What I saw of it's tail end was orange. It disappeared into the scrub, and tho I was willing to go chasing after it, I didn't want to get off the trail... the desert is fragile enough without stupid people trapesing through it. And Mom was just glad that I was the one to flush it out! ha.

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