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New Additions in Aug 2000:

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 6
I'd be lost without this relatively cheap but very functional graphics software. With PSP you can create new designs or manipulate photos easily. PSP6 supports layers, masks, new effects, vectors, and user defined filters.

Buy PSP Direct from Jasc

NoteTab Pro
NoteTab Makes html editing easy with html highlighting, spell check, and buttons to put unsaved files directly into up to two browsers of your choice. The customizable libraries make it easy to create page or paragraph templates. NoteTab also has the ability to have multiple files open simultaneously.

NoteTab Homepage
NoteTab Light is 100% Free, Standard is 10$ and Pro is 20$

Eudora Email 4.3 by Qualcomm
Can't live without email, and Eudora makes it easy with folders and filters. I love the new "multiple personality" feature, where you can switch between pop3 accounts or simply change your name in your profile, with the click of a button.

Eudora Homepage
Eudora Light is 100% Free, Sponsored Mode is full featured, free, and supported by unobtrusive advertising, Paid Mode is 50$

Drawing Hand ScreenSaver
Wow! This is the coolest screensaver I have ever seen.

Drawing Hand Homepage
Download a trial for free, Register for 25$, 37$ will register and get you the Art Gallery CD which includes over 100 drawings.

StarOffice 5 from Sun Microsystems
A Free alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite, StarOffice handles ALL Microsoft file types, both importing and exporting. StarOffice comes with an integrated desktop, document editor, spreadsheet, presentation package, drawing and diagramming package, database engine, email and news client, a scheduler and project manager, and Internet browser.

StarOffice Homepage
StarOffice is a Free download, but at ~100meg, you might want to consider the other options. The CD Kit is 10$ + s/h. The Deluxe package is 40$ + s/h and includes documentation.

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This is a Free daily newsletter which I have been enjoying for many years now. It includes computering tips, cool sites, freeware reviews, and all kinds of great stuff. The writing is quirky and unique and the newsletter is a good way to keep up in the computer world.

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PSP Power
This is a relatively new Newsletter, delivered weekly on Wednesdays. It includes tips and tricks for working with Paint Shop Pro.

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Subscription is Free.

SitePoint Tribune
This is a weekly newsletter for web designers. It includes tips on design, traffic building, maintenance, making money, and much more.

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Subscription is Free. Be sure to check out their very extensive website.

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