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thurs 8 oct 2009

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septembers full moon

I seem to have gotten lost in the past couple of weeks.

A bit of this lost and grey feeling is that my words have not been flowing very well. I've been going to bed early every night... I tell myself it's because I need the extra sleep. but it's really because I don't want to write in my paper journal.

And I wanted to type up a little blurb about Twitch... about how she was such a funny little guinea pig. But nothing really sounds right.

I am tired of the time passing in grey-ness, without any acknowledgment or realness. So, I've typed here. and I'm going to scribble in my paper journal tonight before I go to bed.


fri 9 oct 2009

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So, last night, I did manage to scribble in my paper journal...

background scribble

And it did actually make me feel better, even tho I didn't write anything.

This evening I was lying with Significant Other, and like usual, my brain is spinning out the static. I was thinking about all the computer work I needed to do. um, not Internetting, but actual work with my Paint Shop Pro and my desktop publishing software.

I know exactly what I want to do: I can picture the graphics in my mind and how I want to set them up, and was trying to figure out how I was going to print these multiple images...

And I realized that the "figuring out" part was a major stalling point.

You see, my computer just cannot handle the heavy lifting I want it to do... I can have a couple images open in Paint Shop Pro, but the instant I try to do anything to them, I have to wait for the processing to happen. There is obvious lag time even with the simplest requests. And when I really get into it... with huge photos, layers and vectors... one click takes minutes to process... or it simply crashes the program.

So, yeah. I'm avoiding my work. But it's my _art_ work. And I think it may have been killing me.

So, I'm lying with my SO. And I realize that in order to live, I'm going to need a new computer. And I tell him, and he's saying, "okay". And we go.

And a few hours later... did it even take that long? We come home with a new computer. I haven't even plugged it in yet and I already feel so ... relieved.

The specs on the new computer, who doesn't even have a name yet:

∞  2.6 gig duel Intel processors yeah, whatever. who cares about processing speed anymore?

∞  6 gigs of RAM oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. 6 GIGS. current computer "tiny" has a sad little 256megs. Which is exactly why I can't process graphics.

∞  Blah, blah blah about the other stuff insanely huge hard drive, and other things that don't even matter. Yep, it's all about the RAM.

setting up
sat 10 oct 2009

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Still not computing on the new computer yet. It's just so tedious, setting up a new computer.

Re-arranging all the junk in my room, figuring out what all those dusty cables go to. Need to re-arrange my monitors, too, so I can have both computers running at the same time. Not that I really have room for two sets of keyboards and pointing devices. (Not even counting my third working computer Temperamental.)

The new computer was a demo at the store since 26 aug... 6.5 weeks: The new keyboard and mouse got hosed down with Lysol. And the new computer got restored to factory settings.

The new computer's name is Sheep.

Because it's all about the RAM.


My Significant Other also got a new computer. So I'll be doing all the same stuff, all over again for him. Tedious times two.

I think tomorrow we'll buy a new computer for Boo. And then the worms'll need a new computer. And then the plants. I'm debating about getting each leaf a new computer... the networking is going to be a nightmare.

Anyway. The factory restore went great on Sheep... I just love a clean install... and next I'll be hooking up some Internet. The thing will probably want to spend hours downloading updates. But that's okay, I guess. I can do some crocheting or something.

After that I'll be installing my programs. I am very much hoping that all of my regular programs work on the new operating systm. But I am surprisingly optimistic about this.

I do think that me and Sheep are going to get along just fine.

On the Computer Called Sheep
sun 11 oct 2009

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Yay, my first post from Sheep.

I've been working long and hard on Sheep today. First thing in the morning, I got the dial-up working, then the home network. Started installing programs and copying files over...

I've got all of the important stuff installed, updated, registered, and the user settings adjusted. I guess it's not too painful... it's just terribly time consuming. It's taken all day to get maybe 25% of my programs installed, and I haven't even touched any hardware yet!

And I'm adjusting to a new operating system. Vista...

  Annoyance: Every time I do something I have to click through a window that says it needs my permission to do the thing. *rolls eyes*

  Amusement: The "Switch between windows" button that brings up all the floating window layers. *smiles, shakes head* Yes, it's kind of cool, but how redundant do we need to be?

  Annoyance: The translucent window borders. What a ridiculous waste of programing and CPU / RAM resources!

  Amusement: Inkball. Oh, jeez. Silly game. Addictive qualities. Me, waiting for downloads. Yep, this game falls under "evil incarnate"

But yeah. So far so good. And I'm glad for it.

computer update
fri 16 oct 2009

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Nothing too exciting happening around here. The new computer Sheep has been downloading updates for it's operating system all week. And we're getting the last of the updates right now.

I still have a ton of files to move over from the old computer. And also a ton of programs to install. And I still need to get my printer and handheld junk hooked up.

A project for the weekend.

I think once I'm done with all the file moving, I'm going to take the old computer (Tiny) to the recycling center down the road (minus the hard drive). And while I'm at it, I'll also rip out the hard drives out of Fiaso II, and recycle it as well.

Fiasco II has been dead for a good long while (the reason we got Tiny)... Fiasco completely burnt out: I'm not sure if it was the motherboard or the power source. I was going to experiment, and find out exactly what the problem is...

But I'm just not interested in building computers any more. These days, I just want a computer that works. And, while a clean install will always delight me, rebuilding the file system and your program preferences really is a lot of work.

After Tiny and Fiasco II are gone, I'll be down to two computers. My other one is Temperamental, he's ancient: I think the CPU is 150meg. heh, we really have come a long way: Sheep is a dual CPU, each 2.6gigs.

I still need to work on my Significant Other's new computer as well. (and yes, after Tiny and Fiasco II are gone, there will still be four computers in the house!)

And... I swear... As soon as I get the new computer all hooked in this weekend, I will start typing about something else! The computer stuff is encompassing my brain at the moment, but I do realize it's not the most interesting stuff to read about! :)

not recycling computers
sat 17 oct 2009

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Okay, one more thing about computers, and then I'm done. This time I really swear! ;)

Today I found out what is so wrong about the computer industry. so very wrong. and horribly Not environmental. Zero backwards compatibility with the old hardware. BAH!

I had re-arranged cables and power cords this morning. took poor old Tiny out of the picture and put Sheep in his permanent home.

oh Sheep.

I had everything perfect, and then I went to plug in my printer. um... there is not a parallel port on Sheep. crap. I can't plug in my printer? that's just crazy! ... hm. Maybe I can yank out the parallel port in Tiny? (more re-arranging) and, no: Tiny's port is welded to the motherboard.

Okay. fine.

Next up, the Wacom graphics tablet. oh, hey, what a surprise, same problem... no serial port this time! just great. Well, at least I know my handheld dock is a USB...

Got the handheld all set up, the software loaded. And tried to do a Synch... and WHY is nothing happening? (look it up) oh yeah, the hotsynch software has updates for 32bit Vista. But not 64bit Vista with dual CPUs.

oh, Sheep.

So. I'll have to keep Tiny to have a backup for my handheld.

For the printer and graphic tablet, I'm going to get some adaptor cables. And pray a lot.

Because there is no way I am going to buy a new printer, graphics tablet or handheld. I love the things I have. Plus they all work perfectly. (well, the handheld could use a new battery.) Plus I use these things on a regular basis!

*shakes head* A curse on you, computer industry!

comptuer area

The "new" computer area. Tiny on top of Sheep. (Need to set up a room fan for Tiny, the CPU fan died a long time ago and he's probably overheating right now!) Yep, working both computers: the mouse is to Sheep (monitor on right), the track ball to Tiny (small monitor on left) and Tiny's keyboard is (overexposed) on the left.

the grid on the floor (in front of the bass speaker) is to keep things Boo friendly... She loves to chew on plastic, and I'm sure those power cords would fascinate her, if she could just get to them!

Out of the picture, to the left is my precious printer. To the right are my iris drawers filled with various papers. and junk.

It probably looks pretty intense, especially considering the lack of real furniture! (yep, those are real live boxes holding everything off the floor!) But, this is how I roll! *grins*

fri 23 oct 2009

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It's been a rather crappy week.

At the Copic Warehouse, we did inventory this week. I hate doing inventory: It truely sucks when you count (a multitude of things) several times over and still can't get it right.

At home, the new computer is not going to print on the old printer. I won't use the word "devastated"... but I was very Very disappointed.

And I've been spending so much time on the Sheep, that my other hobbies have suffered. Which is ironic, because those other hobbies are the ones that are going to save me from using words like "devastated" to describe my feelings over a peripheral.

This weekend, I'll be crocheting. And reading. Getting some postcards out the door. hopefully some drawing and writing. Please get the camera out!

Blogging and Journaling
sun 25 oct 2009

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This morning, the thought that got me out of bed, was the November National Blog Posting Month. Yep, I'm going to have another go at daily blog posting. But since November is the "official" month to do these things -- lots of prizes are offered to people who keep up with the daily blogging in November -- I think I'm also going to offer up a prize (at the site) for a randomly picked winner. or two.

A full set of glitter pens, anyone? :)

And perhaps a sketch book, with that blissful Italian paper.

Well, I just thought it would be fun. So yeah. I'll update my NaBlo page when I've actually figured out exactly what I'm offering.

I'm reading the november edition of the Smithsonian magazine... a too short column about an Artist's Journal. The artist is Janice Lowry, and she started journaling at age 11, and kept going until she died last month.

126 journal books. Drawn from Life

That photo of her sitting on the floor with some of her books (the first in the photo gallery)... makes me wonder how I would look in a photo with my journals.

I started journaling seriously in 1997, just a little bit before I started blogging. It was morning pages in the beginning: loose leaf sheets that I contained in a couple plastic envelopes. And various books and notebooks since then.

The box I put my journals in, became full several years ago. And since then the books are just randomly stored in various places. One day, I'd like to get a chest or something to put my journals in. But I'm too lazy for that right now.

Janice Lowry's journals are mostly collage, which I dislike. But, I guess, mine are mostly text, which is boring.


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