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uh oh
sun 1 nov 2009

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National Blog Posting Month

"uh oh" as in "oh my... I have very many projects to work on during november: how in the world will I get them all done??!"

um, yeah. Not sure! But I suppose the month will proceed whether I get my stuff done or not!

Things to do:

  Blog! Ha. Yeah, I'm excited about getting back to blogging. Tho I'm a bit worried because I'm not taking photos at the garden anymore, and that was always good for a weekly blog post. I'll have to think up some other weekly themes to keep me going!

  Crochet! Here's where the "uh oh" really comes into play... I'm not sure I'll have enough time to finish the four scarves I wanted to gift at xmas. And they absolutely MUST be done! So crocheting is going to take up a good portion of my days in november... and unfortunately, crocheting doesn't really lend itself to interesting blog posts. ;)

  Postcards! oh jeez, I am so behind on postcards. I have a pile of addressed postcards that I need to write on. A Pile. A pretty big Pile. *shakes head*

  Computers! This is just an ongoing saga, I guess. I've still got stuff to do with the Sheep. And I just got started on SO's computer yesterday. Not sure how I'm going to deal with the operating system updates (dial up = slow + one computer online at a time).

  Art Projects in General I'd really like to draw. and take photos. and do some graphics. And probably some other stuff too. Of course, I don't have time for this stuff! But it might get done, anyway!! :)

  Reading?? The computers have been distracting me lately, and I'm pining for my reading time. I've got a couple of new books on the top of the "to be read" pile.

Plus there's that pesky day job that I have to go to. ;)

Other Daily November Projects
sun 1 nov 2009

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... That I wish I could do (but really, really don't have time for!)...

  NaNoDrawMo at LiveJournal This is a community for those who want to do a National Novel Writing Month along with 50 drawings during the month. A bunch of insanity, that's for sure! This is it's 2nd year. (and why, yes, that's me being a partial participant in 2008!)

  DrawMo! a "Draw Month!" or a "Draw More!", since November 2006.

  NaNoJouMo at D'Blogala (National Nonstop (Art) Journaling Month) First year, and with prompts! Here's the JouMo Intro.

What fun! Oh, if only I could do it all! :)

the About Button
mon 2 nov 2009

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I used to have an "about" button. I removed it in a fit of something-or-other. Since I've got a few extra readers here all of a sudden, thought maybe I'd introduce myself again.

Hello! I'm rift. I'm fem, mid-30s, Pacific Northwest. Live with my Significant Other (SO) and a guinea pig (Boo). I'm vegan and I LOVE being vegan!!!

I've got some hobbies, probably too many but I enjoy them all.

I read... science fiction, animal fiction, nonfiction about creativity, journal-keeping, science, environmentalism and animal rights.

I keep a paper journal... I've got dozens of notebooks and I used to write daily. This year, it's a bit more random, but it's still terribly important to me.

And from my first post, you know about my other hobbies: I've discovered a love of photography! I make and exchange postcards, on PostCrossing and in a monthly trade I'm part of. I've been crocheting for almost a year now. And the Occasional art... I can draw. I don't usually.

I enjoy computers and the Internet as well. I've been blogging for over ten years. I got my first domain in 2000 and now I've got three or four. I've also got three or four computers, plus I maintain the SO's computer(s) as well. And I read ebooks on my Palm handheld.

oh, and I love my day job. I work in the shipping department at the North America distributer for Copic markers. Whee.

Grocery Run
tues 3 nov 2009

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Hit the grocery after SO picked me up at the day job. So, what exactly does a vegan get at the grocery? Well, this was not a typical run for me, since I just needed a few odds and ends. And yet I still spent over 100$, sheesh!

The thing I went for was coke. Not exactly "vegan", the company has done many crimes against humanity and ecosystems. But I'm an addict. ;) Everyone has their vices, you know, even vegans.

I also needed some fruit for Boo. mmm, tangerines! I hope she'll share with me!

For the lunches I bring to eat at the day job, I got corn chips, and Boca burgers. They were out of walnuts darn it. And an extra box of Clif bars, on sale for 1$ each!

For dinners at home we got pasta, rice, frozen peas, tater tots (yay tater tots), Morning Star Vege Crumbles, celery. And ramen -- which is totally not healthy and full of MSG which I am sensitive to, and yet... I'm an addict, okay? -- Top Ramen, Oriental flavor is vegan.

Some organic ketchup, which I eat on pretty much everything because I'm crazy. Newman's Balsamic Vinaigrette salad dressing. Not that I eat salad, but we use it like ketchup sometimes. Some VegeBase bouillon.

Soymilk, Vegetable Juice, and some Herbal Tea.

Peach tea is my newest thing. I've never cared about herbal tea before, because if it doesn't have caffeine in it, why bother? heh. But I discovered that if I don't drink caffeine in the evenings, then I can actually get to sleep at night! Wow, huh. And it turns out that sleep is more important to me than being chemically happy. So, here I am with the herbal tea, now. I got some pomegranate tea this time too.

That's it, I think. You might notice a lack of actual vegetables and fruits. Yeah. I keep telling myself I should eat more whole foods and less processed crap. Winter is actually a good time to remember this because I love soup!

Random Things
wed 4 nov 2009

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  I saw a sun dog today. I was taking out the recycling at the day job and when I got back in, I told everyone in the building and we all went out to look at it! :) One person didn't know what a sun dog was. Another person said a sun dog preceeds cold weather. hm - we've got rain in the forecast, and a bit warmer temps for tomorrow.

  One time one of the temps came up to me and said, "so you're vegan." "Yep." "So how's that working out for you?" he asked. While I was saying "Great!" my friend behind me was saying "oh, she loves it!"

That moment made me incredibly happy... knowing that my enthusiasm for veganism shows through so well. Yay! :)

  I've not picked up my camera in days. I was thinking I should get a small, very cheap digital that I can carry around with me all the time. Photo opportunites always present themselves when I don't have my cam.

Journal Keepers should always have a notebook and pen with them and Photographers should always have a camera on them. I am both and I do neither! ha.

Booking Through Thursday
thurs 5 nov 2009

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Booking Through Thursday meme

  • When's the last time you weeded out your library? Do you regularly keep it pared down to your reading essentials? Or does it blossom into something out of control the minute you turn your back, like a garden after a Spring rain?
    Or do you simply not get rid of books? At all?
    And when you DO weed out books from your collection (assuming that you do) ... what do you do with them? Throw them away (gasp)? Donate them to a charity or used bookstore? SELL them to a used bookstore? Trade them on Paperback Book Swap or some other exchange program?

Oh Dear. I have Never "weeded" my books. And you would think that by this time... after 30 or so years of buying books... I would be completely overrun with books.

I also keep my magazines. And newsletters. I do feel a little bit insane for keeping these. But I don't know how to get rid of them. So I have to keep them, right?! :)

If I could part with my books, I would attempt to sell them to a used bookstore. Or I would donate them to the library. But there's no way I'd do this any time soon!

Currently Reading:
A Trail Through Leaves: The Journal as a Path to Place by Hannah Hinchman

It's a book about how Hinchman does her nature journal with tips and ideas for keeping your own. it's one of my favorite books to re-read!

Photo Friday
fri 6 nov 2009

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Boo in her cuteness. But here's the photo that I wish came out... instead it's all blurry. But you can imagine the expression on her face: "what'cha doin'?"

Imagine the cuteness!


ooh, check this out:

Autumn leaves

kinda cool how the light caught the leaves and the moss on the twigs.

Vegan Things
sat 7 nov 2009

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November 1 was World Vegan Day, which makes november World Vegan Month.

The word "vegan" was invented by Donald Watson... Here's the original newsletter: Vegan News No. 1 published in Nov 1944, thusly this is the 65th anniversary of the word "vegan".

Yay Vegan!

Random Vegan Links:

  Latest Episode of "Bones" was all AR/Vegan!
I don't watch much tv, but I do enjoy Bones... and this episode was actually pretty good. (link to watch it on Hulu)

  Best Broccoli Ever
Veganaise on broccoli is not a combo that I would think of. But it might actually be good!

  Taste Better
This site (currently not terribly active), and the sister site Vegan Porn (also the same), amuses me. I _highly_ recommend the newsletter... very thought-invoking. Possibly provoking as well. ;)

Sci Fi Reading
sun 8 nov 2009

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I guess because I've been reading non-fiction for the past couple of weeks, I'm wanting some fiction to read.

There are a couple sites I turn to when I need some science fiction recommendations...

  Tiptree Awards James Tiptree, Jr. is one of my favorite authors, altho she mostly wrote short stories. The award is "an annual literary prize for science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender". I discovered The Orphan's Tales here: two books I love ( cowinner in 2006) has an active blog with some really interesting articles every now and then. Here's a good one about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (but don't bother to buy a copy from them! The series is free on Project Gutenberg: Frank Baum)

  SF There is always something fascinating on this site, it's great...

And yes, when buying science fiction I do give more consideration to female authors. And because of that I do "accidently" buy some fantasy novels as well. That's okay.

mon 9 nov 2009

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The other day I saw a Huge spider who had built a beautiful big web, just outside but parallel to my bedroom window!


The little picture is to prepare you for the big, hairy picture:

Isnt she pretty!

Wow! She was actually trying to fix a little hole in her web, but I kind of freaked her out and she ran to the edge of the web at the roof of the building where I couldn't see her anymore.

I think it would be cool to be a bug photographer...

tues 10 nov 2009

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Currently Reading

  Uglies by Scott Westerfeld the sci fi book I bought the other day

  A Trail Through Leaves still working on this nature journal book

Currently Listening To

  Talk Talk SO bought this for me the the other day. It's good, but slower than I remembered.

  Rhythm of the Pride Lands I Love the song "One by One"... I should just memorize all the (non-english) words, because I just kind of sing nonsense words to the tune! ha.

Current Computer Happiness
You know what... I just like the fact that I can have a picture on my desktop background again. And the fact that I can have more than one program working. Oh wonderful 6gigs of RAM.

Current Computer UnHappiness
SO's old computer (that he was using) just bit the dust yesterday morning. darn. (Which means the scanner is not usable anymore either. *grumble grumble* ) But it's given me the impetus to get his new computer more organized. Too bad I didn't grab files off the old computer before it died.

Current Postcard
Usually at the beginning of the month I have an idea of what I'm going to send out for my monthly postcard exchange. But nothing has been pinging me yet. Will I have to buy postcards again? bleh. Would much rather make my own! Think, brain! Think!

GP Play
wed 11 nov 2009

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The other day I was chatting with someone at the day job. I don't remember exactly what we were talking about but I said, "blah, blah, I was playing with Boo..." and my friend asked, "Do guinea pigs play?"

I had to laugh. Doesn't everyone play?

Well, anyway. Boo's favorite thing to do is run around on the floor. We have to be careful because for the past couple of weeks, I've had an extra computer in my room and I don't have the cables covered up or guinea-pig-proofed at all. Easy access to a CAT6 and a phone line... so far no chew marks!

Boo will run circles. If I'm down on my hands and knees, she'll run around and under me. Last night I played "catch the guinea pig foot"... try to grab her foot, she ran away then ran back and I would try to grab her foot again. Repeat until she gets bored and wanders off do something else.

:) When guinea pigs are happy, they do this cute thing called a Popcorn. Basically just a happy jump straight up. 'Course, this is a guinea pig we are talking about... very short legs, right? But it's fun to watch!

at the Copic Warehouse
thurs 12 nov 2009

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Earlier this week, Maryanne our product specialist, brought the new Copic Certification Instructors in for a tour of the warehouse. It was quite fun to watch the happiness and excitement of these women as they looked at our rows and rows of markers! :)

One of the women was taking photos, and yet again, the back of my head is famous: Debbie's Thinking Inking, Copic Giveaway Scroll on down, right under the pic of Maryanne's "tidy" office (ha.) is a pic of the warehouse... I'm on the left in the grey sweater and the pony tail. a couple of our parttime temps are in black in the right half of the pic, and I can't remember the names of the new Instructors standing near me.

Oh, and the Warehouse Cat... the last photo over there at Debbie's site. That is BeBe, and she's a girl! She is actually part of a group of five or six feral cats at our other building. They are all fixed and fed and have heated rooms for the winter! BeBe is the most friendly, she'll let some women pet her (not men). She spends most days in the warehouse, and as you can see, she has a blanket where she naps on one of the pallets of Sketch Books. :)

Photo Friday?
fri 13 nov 2009

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The guinea pig game Boo and I were playing last night was called "Hey, let's chew on the camera." Here she is, chewing on the lens:

a gp chin and neck

*laughs* Granted, the pic might be a tiny bit cuter if I had a second camera actually taking the picture. But we have to work with what we have, right. ;)

Mid-Month Project Update
sat 14 nov 2009

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National Blog Posting Month

I think the "uh oh, I have too many projects" is still in full force...

  Blog! Yep, getting done daily. Yay me. I do need to get organized with the prizes I'm donating to NaBlo. If I'm still donating them. But check out the list so far... 2009 Prizes!

  Crochet! Problems here. I'm not spending enough time crocheting. And the store is no longer selling the stupid Eco yarn I was using. Arg!

  Postcards! My pile of postcards remains untouched. I'm kind of keeping up with PostCrossing... but only because my account there has been extraordinarily quite. And still no ideas for my november postcard exchange.

  Computers! I meant to do some work on SO's computer this weekend... Haven't touched it yet either. *sighs*

  Art Projects in General I actually have done a couple pages of poetry type thingees in my paper journal, using the NaNoJouMo prompts. And then I skipped a day... and now I've skipped about three days. I am going to try to get back to it tho!

  Reading?? I've been reading in my insomniac moments... but I think my interest in the story has rather extended my insomniac moments. heh.

  And yeah, an "And"! I'm taking an online class that I'm totally ignoring! I've just been hitting the save button... hoping I'll get through the lessons uh, some time next year maybe!

It does kind of feel like I've been letting things slide. eh, that's okay.

sun 15 nov 2009

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I suddenly seem to have an excess of eBooks...


I just finished the book Uglies last night before I went to sleep. I very much enjoyed it and was hoping that the place where I buy my eBooks, FictionWise, had the rest of the series.

Yep, all the way out to the fourth book, plus an "insiders guide". I bought the next two ebooks, Pretties and Specials, and put the fourth in my wish list.

also noticed I needed to renew my subscription to the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction... I've been getting the digital version of this mag for the past year because the physical, dead tree version was taking up way, way too much space in our tiny townhouse!

I do love reading books on my handheld, but the physical space thing has become a rather important "feature"!

The other day, I was admiring a photo and commenting on a quote at my friend's blog. And then she had to tell me about this crazy fairy tale and then I had to remember that I love reading fairy tales.

Laughs. A little trip over to Project Gutenberg. And then I've downloaded a couple of Hans Christian Andersen books and I'm converting them to be pretty on my handheld. (The Ice-Maiden and Other Tales is the book with the Butterfly story in it.)

Project Gutenberg does offer many ebooks in other formats... I've tried the Mobipocket and the Plucker files. But my preferred reading program is eReader. I get the books from Project Gutenberg as a standard text file. And then I mark it up with some code -- giving it a title, a title page and marking where the chapters or stories begin so I can have a table of contents -- and then run that through a program called DropBook, which makes my text file (.PML) into a eReader file (.PDB).

The process is slightly tedious, marking up longer books especially. But I'm willing to do it because I hate Mobipocket and Plucker that much! ;) Or maybe I just love eReader that much!

swine flu + cats
mon 16 nov 2009

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The first week of the month, S, the supervisor at the day job, was out sick with Swine Flu. And now her cats have caught it! So far, I think four of her cats have it... a high fever and sneezing and so stuffed up they have to breath through their mouth. poor babies.

Apparently there's been only one documented case of a cat getting Swine Flu... and I suppose S's cats are cases two, three, four, etc.

We're not sure how many cats S takes care of... ;) she's never given a straight answer and says some 'belong' to her roommate MIL. We are still pretty sure that S is a cat lady, even if we can't get exact numbers! laughs.

Anyway, the one documented cat with Swine Flu didn't die, so I guess most everyone is probably going to be okay.

*Sending healing thoughts to all H1N1 victims*

Please go vegan! Swine flu would not have happened in a vegan world, you know. Go Vegan to save the world from Swine/Turkey/Ferret/Human/Feline flu!!

sleepy ducks
tues 17 nov 2009

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pair of ducks

A walk with SO this past weekend, and we found a group of sleepy ducks, under a bridge. Didn't notice at the time, but they are definitely watching us! :)

audio books
wed 18 nov 2009

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We finally got in a decent sound system at the day job, and this week we've been listening to a couple audio books.

I have an imperfect listening experience because when I'm boxing up stuff to ship out, I'm crunching up paper to add as padding in the boxes. I can't hear the book, or anything really, over my paper crunching. And then, too, sometimes I have to leave the building to go do stuff at the other building.

But, I get the general idea of the story.

Earlier this year (in the old building) we went through the entire Twilight saga. My general idea there: bad writing, I'm glad I didn't waste my time actually reading the series!

Yesterday we listened to The Road. We laughed about how it's all death and destruction. And asked the obvious questions: Where are they, where are they going, WHY are they going and WHY do they keep going? Does "the boy" even have a name???

I had to go to the other building for a while in the afternoon, I came back and the book ended a few minutes later...

I was all "hey, what just happened??" But the people who were listening to the book were all "What the heck? Is that the end?" laughs.

They told me what I had missed and everyone hated the end... And S. who had read the book said "no, it's a Good ending because of such and such!" (Yeah, no spoilers here, you can read the book for yourself!) No one agreed with her so I'm not really sure if the ending was fitting or not.

It's one saving grace was that it was very short. We got through the entire book in one day.

Today we started on a Dean Koontz book called By The Light of the Moon It's much more interesting... tho it's not going to make me read any other Dean Koontz.

BTT: Too Short
thurs 19 nov 2009

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Booking Through Thursday meme
Too Short

  • "Life is too short to read bad books." I'd always heard that, but I still read books through until the end no matter how bad they were because I had this sense of obligation.
    That is, until this week when I tried (really tried) to read a book that is utterly boring and unrealistic. I had to stop reading.
    Do you read everything all the way through or do you feel life really is too short to read bad books?

oof. Bad books are my bane, especially when I have a day job sucking away my reading time!

I really do have a problem setting bad books aside. I have never, ever, set aside a book I've actually bought. But I am a bit discriminating about the books I give money for! (as unbelievable as that may sound!) (laughs)

The free eBooks, tho. I've deleted a couple of those. The most recent one I deleted was called One Dimensional Man... I actually agreed with most everything he wrote. But it was just so BORING with his "theory" talk.

I do believe I _hate_ social theory talk. They always have to make up new words and put them in super long sentences... when a short and easily understood sentence would have worked so much better. But these social theory people are so disconnected that short sentences don't even occur to them!

And it's pretty amusing... because, after all, it is _social_ theory we're talking about here!

Anyway. I was over half way through that book when I finally deleted it. And I really did want to finish it. But, life is short. And your leisure life is a lot shorter, so I have to move on.

A Day Off
fri 20 nov 2009

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Yep, decided to skip out of work today. And I really meant to start my long weekend with some serious productivity...

Which hasn't happened yet. *rolls eyes at self* Didn't sleep well last night, so woke up Very late and was mostly brain dead anyway for all the morning.

Should'a just stayed in bed, I guess. ;) But I did get some of my crocheting done, and this makes me happy.

I don't want to show exactly what I'm doing: These are xmas gifts and this is the World Wide Web. But I am sooo excited about this one scarf that I've designed. I got the graph paper out and everything and it is going to look Awesome!

Well, anyway. I'll get some "work in progress" photos and after xmas I'll have a post showing my awesome-ness!

I subscribe to The Artists Magazine and the Artists Network they are part of has a pretty good web site.

Free wallpapers here: Fine Art Desktop Wallpaper (and access to more, when you sign up for their newsletters). The paintings in the Artists Mag section include an owl and flying geese. :)

In the Pastel Journal there's an artist, Frederick Somers whose autumn leaves in the water are just lovely! The subject is beautiful to me and the colours.

In the Watercolor Artist section, I really like Susan Abbott's painting, "Paper Whites". It's mostly the subject matter that appeals to me on this painting (and the others in her series). The living plants, the stamps and airmail envelopes, tarot cards, fruits and tea, an open book. It just seems like these would be wonderful things to have strewn across your art desk!!

Below is a widget which shows some of the free wallpapers you can get at the Artists Network, Wallpaper page

Photo, uh, Saturday
sat 21 nov 2009

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Since I apparently wasn't paying attention to what day it was on "Photo Friday"!!

Surprised Boo

*laughing* One day I must post something a bit more dignified. This is Boo, she's actually chewing on a carrot... but her mama never told her to chew with her mouth closed!

sun 22 nov 2009

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That was quite possibly the laziest long weekend ever!

There was so much I meant to do! I even had a list.

Yeah, I ignored my list! I drank too much and I just played on the Internet (and crocheted a little).

Yeah, I did have fun! But it's sunday evening and now I feel guilty.


And in my laziness, I didn't even get the mail for the last few days... There was a PostCrossing postcard in the box, of course. And now I am missing my scanner.

I usually scan in the postcards I got during the week on sunday afternoon. But since SO's old computer died, the scanner has become useless. It's Win98 only, plus it's a USB connection. a very bad combination, in my opinion.

So, I guess when I get a new printer, it'll have to have a scanner on it as well.


Also in the mail were a couple of magazines. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about the mags I get...

  The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction I so enjoy this mag, filled with short stories, and I've been getting it for Many years. As I mentioned before, I'm getting the digital version now (due to a lack of space in the tiny townhouse!).

  Smithsonian This magazine has been gifted to me, several times over. I'm not so sure about the history articles, but I love the articles about art and animals!

  Wired um, Wired? Yep, I suddenly started getting this for free. After reading for almost a year, I'm hooked! The articles are almost random tho the theme is supposedly "technology". Yep, random fascinates me. :)

  Earth First! Journal My one environmental mag. I read it to get the truth. And also to remind me that I could be doing more!

  The Artist's Magazine which I mentioned the other day. My monthly dose of ART. Mostly the paintings make me happy, I don't care so much about the "how to" articles, since they are all quite beyond me, tho I like to pretend otherwise. :)

  The Iowan A good portion of my extended family lives in Iowa, and this was a gift subscription.

mon 23 nov 2009

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I bought my bike in April, but I can't remember if I ever got around to posting a photo...

my bike

I've not riden it in a few weeks because it's been chilly and then it started raining. Walking and driving to the day job last few weeks.

And the bike is no longer this shiny. And also the bike lock thingee broke, so I have to carry my lock in my back pack now. That sucks.

I also never brought it in for the 100mile tune-up.

Not a very responsible bike owner, am I?!

tues 24 nov 2009

Entry #24 of 30 on this page (tagged: november)

I read this article a few months ago (and then stuck it in my idea list for those days when the blog just isn't flowing).

Most Britons have lied about the books they read

Um. Say what? For the life of me, I cannot understand Why you would lie about reading a book!

"the main reason was to impress the person they were speaking to."

*rolls eyes* Why not impress someone with your _actual_ knowledge about stuff you enjoy?

Well, whatever. The number one book to lie about is Orwell's 1984. That's a really good book, and I really did read it! You can too:

Amazon Grocery
wed 25 nov 2009

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Yay, the four day weekend has officially begun!

My Amazon grocery stuff arrived today at the day job. My supervisor asks what I got, "Clif bars?" heh, not this time: "Nope, this is Miso and Nori!" I say.

"What?!" laughs. The warehouse manager pipes up, "Nori is seaweed and Miso is soup base."

oh, simple and short and boring answer!

Technically, nori is algae... altho, yeah it sounds a lot more appetizing to call it seaweed!! It comes in thin sheets, like paper, very dark green or black, and shiny. It's the sushi wrap stuff.

I have made sushi a few times. Um, vegan of course, no poor dead fishes here! Sushi is fun, but a bit tedious... all that gathering and rolling. mostly I just tear up a sheet of nori and add it to my miso.

Miso, yum

"Soup base." Miso is fermented soybeans and maybe rice and barley or other grains, there are all different flavors and types. Anyway, it's this brown mushy paste stuff and you just put a spoonful in your water and try to force it to dissolve. I like to eat it with my pasta, but you can put it in all your normal soups and they will taste yummier.

Anyway. I eat miso practically every day. (Yeah, I really, really obsess when I find a food I like!) But it's been a long while since I've had nori in the house.

Free To Be
thurs 26 nov 2009

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I like my friend's thanksgiving post so much, I'm just going to send you right over there!

Mehitable Days: How I Like My Turkey

:D Happy Day, People.

Go Vegan 'cause then you'll be Awesome!

Photo Friday
fri 27 nov 2009

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Two deers walked by.

We live in the city. Our tiny townhouse is on a street with many other rental buildings. We are less than ½ mile from a major road and fast food; a super store is less than a mile away.

Certain people apparently don't care!

urban deer

Seeing wildlife in the city, clearly at home -- my Significant Other walked into them the other day -- gives me incredible hope. Humans are destroying everything and everybody. But some of us will survive.

The day was rainy and so cloudy and dark that most of my photos were blurry... but this one amused me:

check out the ears

Their ears are almost mirror images! ha.

Projects Update
sat 28 nov 2009

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Almost the end of the month! And I've been working on some stuff -- and thinking about some other stuff -- today, so I figured I'd go ahead and type about it.

But first, for those of you who cannot live without some weekly Boo...

Boo with the DVD stacks

  Blog! Oh yeah, blogging every day has gone exceptionally well this month. There are still days when I can't figure out what to say, of course... but I think I'm starting to deal with those better.

  Crochet! I am working on my last xmas scarf, and I'm about ½ done! I think I'll be mostly done with it next weekend, and plenty of time to really jazz it up. Yay!

  Postcards! *sighs* I have decided to put the PostCrossing on hold for a while. I still have a huge stack of addressed postcards that I've not touched, and I haven't even started on my november postcard for my monthly exchange. It's just not as fun anymore now that the scanner is dead in the water (or alive, just completely unaccessable) and the printer is a pain to run (through my other computer).

  Computers! ah the computers. Those evil devices that are annoying me today! :) SO's computer is running well, there's just some tweaking that I need to get to. Today I am working on the Sheep. I finally got through moving all my old files and did a quick virus check this morning. And then I started a back-up.

I am not too proud to admit: I have never ever done a real backup in my life. I have copies of some of my files, but this has never been an organized scheme at all. But with the new computer, I thought I would be a good and responsible computer user and do real backups.

I figured a few hours, maybe 15 or so disks and the pain of being responsible would be over.

Yeah, right.

I'm at 4.5hours, disk #30... and the progress bar is just a bit past the half way point. *Annoyance reigns supreme*

Do normal people EVER put up with this kind of crap?? Well, I have definitely learned my lesson. If I backup SO's computer it will be on a separate hard drive, and I will only backup the files under his username.

  Art Projects in General I guess I abandoned the NaNoJouMo It was fun, I'm just doing too much this month. In the meantime: a couple of other projects have popped into my head! Have to see how december goes. :)

  Reading?? Yep, books and mags. I think I'm finally getting bored with the Uglies series... it's Young Adult, and a fine adventure story. Just on the look out for something new, now!

And, I've finally organized my NaBloPoMo Prize!!! :) You can read about my prize donation here.

NaBloPoMo Prize
sat 28 nov 2009

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The complete set of atyou Spica Glitter pens, all 24 colours!

AtYou Spica Glitter pen sets A and B

Guinea Pig Boo is not included in the prize, but she makes a great model!

Colours listed here: Copic Marker: Glitter pen sets A and B

sun 29 nov 2009

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I can't figure out what to type about today, so I was forced to go through my photos.

Here is Happy the elephant posing with my Sketch Copic markers.

Happy with markers

These are all of my Sketch markers: 39 total. I've also got a couple of original Copic markers (square body) and some Wides.

There are currently 334 colours of Sketch markers (and refill inks) so I've got a ways to go! laughs.

The ones on the right side, the three oranges and three pale blue-greens, are my newest purchase.

I occasionally use my markers in my paper journal. But the paper journal has not gotten much attention in the past few months. After the december holidays, I'm hoping to get more focused on my journal and art in general.

Drawing and Photography and some semblance of fun.


mon 30 nov 2009

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National Blog Posting Month!

A post every day, plus a couple. And now I'm ready for the next thing!

Well. I guess before I get to the next thing, I should probably finish my crocheting project. And maybe I could work on my november postcards.

Plus there's that annoying "holiday" for which you have to at least make a token appearance at a mall. Not to mention all the other junk you have to do and deal with. *sighs* oof, now I'm tired.

Okay. Instead of dreaming up the next thing, I should just wait patiently for the end of december!

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