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community garden
sun 2 aug 2009

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sunflower with a bug

Our first sunflower! oh, it makes me incredibly happy... we didn't plant any sunflowers, but a few of them came up. and they are so cheerful.

The weeds have totally taken over. I killed a few this morning so that we could find the strawberry plants again.

Our dirt is so soft that the weeds pull out without any trouble at all. Unfortunately, when SO was pulling weeds around the tomato plants, he accidently pulled up one of our butternut squash plants. :( I felt so bad for him.

There were still some roots on the plant tho, plus some new roots growing out of the first node up. We re-planted it and I have high hopes that it will live. We might not get any butternuts from it, but you never know...

The bees are buzzing constantly around our weeds. :) And some of the wildflowers in the left side patch are blooming. Some California Poppies... love the bright, fluorescent orange. And a Corn Poppy... the petals remind me of crumpled paper.

And in other exciting news, our community gardens now have a social network. Unfortunately it's completely private, which is a shame because there are already loads of wonderful photos.

But I'm glad to have another website where I can spread my cyber self.

Plagued with Indecision
mon 31 aug 2009

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August was my official "take a break" month. And so I have. I did not take up any new projects, I did not blog, I did not crochet. Heck, I even let myself slide on my paper journal!

And I very much enjoyed my break.

And now I'm trying to decide if I want to go back to blogging in September. I want to... but I don't want to.

I want to because it's fun and I enjoy typing. I don't want to because it's time consuming and somedays I just don't have stuff to say.

And I just don't feel terribly inspired. I figured I'd type a bit today, just to remind myself what blogging feels like. heh. But it's not really tipping me one way or the other.

So I guess if I show up again tomorrow, I might be blogging every day in September...

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