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evnironmental vegan
mon 4 Aug 2008

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If you want to be an environmentalist, you have got to be vegan. The environmental damage done by factory farms, fish farms and commercial fishing is beyond calculation. The personal damage done to individuals, millions of them every day, billions every year, is astronomical.

Sadly, even radical environmentalists just don't understand our responsibility to our fellow earthlings. An article in the current Earth First! Journal: Human Diet and Its Effects on Natural Ecosystems "Herbivore Because I Give a Shit" by Gedden Cascadia, covers many of the environmental bases. And yet one of the commenters is a person who supports direct action but is, shall we say, "anti-vegan".

Apparently animals are not part of the environment, in his/her world.

10 billion land animals tortured and killed every year in the US alone, hundreds of billions of ocean animals are killed every year (including about 1,000 marine mammals every day).

Do you know what 1 billion is? One billion seconds is almost 32 years. One billion minutes is about 1,900 years. One billion inches is more than half-way around the world, and one billion meters will get you to the moon, and back, and practically to the moon again.

Killing hundreds of billions of animals in the ocean. Trawling is even worse than clear cutting forests and takes out thousands of miles of ocean floor ecosystems. Run off from land factory farming and fish factory farming poisons the water and creates dead zones which get bigger every year.

Ocean ecosystems are decimated due to our animal-eating ways (to say nothing of our plastic-using ways). The Ocean will be completely dead within our lifetime.

Why would anyone who cares about the environment want to be a part of that?

You care, right? Stop eating fish! Stop using animals for food!

Go Vegan!

Grocery Run
Tues 19 Aug 2008

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I have been meaning to start the blog back up... I've been terribly lazy about it this summer. So here I am! I went to the grocery today and figured I'd revive a defunct meme.

The Midweek Munchies was a veg*n (vegetarian and vegan) meme for women that was pretty stong back in 2006. Then the owner, Harmonia, had to step back from the Internet so she handed the meme over to me. And I did absolutely nothing with it! haha.

But now that I'm looking at it again, I think I'll change it to vegan (instead of veg*n), update the homepage and clear out the guestlist. Start fresh, you know.

Midweek Munchies, a vegan meme!
A Vegan Meme

What yummy vegan foods did you bring home today?

Midweek Munchies: What RIFT is contributing for the week

Today, I shopped at the local Fred Meyer, and this was a pretty typical grocery run for me. 71$

Top of the List: 24-pack of Coke, toilet paper (7th Generation), ramen (Top Ramen, oriental), coffee (Seattle's Best, bright) and peppermint tea (good for calming the upset tummy).

Produce: Oranges for the guinea pigs, organic USA apples, organic grapes, organic raisins.

Frozen: Peas, tater tots, Morning Star crumbles, Amy's California burgers.

Also: Soy milk, Powdered sugar, Italian Dressing (Newman's Own) and bulk couscous.

Usually I get the ordinary apples, just making sure they say "Washington" or "USA" on them... but today, I looked at all the Shiny-ness, all of a sudden, I am grossed out by that coating they put on. I walked right past the shiny, to the little organic section. Nice, normal looking apples!

Also I took the time to study the bulk section. Usually I search for the wheat glutten, and ignore everything else. I noticed the pearl barley was cheaper than the bags, good to know since I use that in my soups.

I'm also excited about dried chickpeas, millet, wheat berries, brown rice, a couple different lentils. These will be crock pot creations, eventually.

Okay, now I'm gonna go work on the Midweek Munchies homepage...

Get the Midweek Munchies code!
Leave your link on the MwM Guestbook!

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PURPOSE of Midweek Munchies: Put together by a small group of Veg women, we hope to spread the word about healthy veganism while obtaining idea starters for meals, recipes, learn about new products, and meet other vegan bloggers. Visiting and commenting on other participants lists are encouraged but not required.
Have fun and Go Vegan!

5 Year Vegan
Sat 23 Aug 2008

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Guess What?! I love being vegan! I truely wish that everyone around me would be vegan too so we can all share in the joyfulness!

My vegan-ness is the most important part of who I am. "Vegan" is one of the first words I use to describe myself: I'm vegan, I read and I keep a journal. That's me.

My vegan-ness is a reflection of my love of animals, especially chickens and pigs and cows and fishes. It's also a reflection of my love of the earth and nature and the ocean and wildness.

Being vegan has brought some wonderful things into my life. Not just wonderful food, but wonderful people as well!

My life is enriched by being vegan.

Yay Vegan!

Paper Journal
fri 29 Aug 2008

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For the past few months, rather than journaling in a book or notebook, I've been writing my journal on loose leaf paper. At the end of the month, I print up my blog entries to add to the pile and then I bind it with my Bind-It-All.

I'm very much enjoying the loose leaf writing. I can use my coloured paper, I can print up some lines or grids, print backgrounds, print articles and emails... Well, etc!

I usually end up with around 30 sheets that I've journaled on during the month. And with the rest of my printed stuff, there's around 40 or 50 sheets total. I make a journal cover from photos I've taken during the month, print that on cardstock. That's covered with a clear plastic sheet and I bind the whole thing with ½inch o-wires:

june and july journals

dragonflies in the journal
self portrait, reading on the bed

I've been re-reading Kathleen Adams' book Journal to the Self and I remembered how much I enjoy Lists of 100. I've written several lists. My most recent list is "100 Reasons Not to Get a Job". heh, of course there's only one reason why I should get a job, a list of one: money. humph.

One time I wanted to do a List of 100 Animals, except I was going to draw them all. I was going to draw tiny animals, about the size of a thumb print. and I figured it would be easy to come up with animals by going through the alphabet about four times. I think I quit around 30 because the drawings were getting bigger and bigger and more complex and complicated. My flamingo was about three inches tall...

You know what? I do that a lot with my projects. Make things more complicated than they have to be. And then quit.

By Request... a close up of the "self portrait" scribble above:

Reading my handheld on my bed!

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