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sat 26 July 2008

Today is Blogathon. I had already decided that I was not going to participate this year... and it turns out that the people who run Blogathon needed to take the year off as well. So, Day Of Blogs is pulling up the slack.

I've been surfing through some of the blogs. Here are a few that have caught my interest...

  erica of Chasing Bliss is blogging for the ASPCA.
She's got a summer-time theme and includes pretty photos from Flickr and a set of icons in each post.

  Melissa of another so-called life is blogging for Kristin Brooks Hope Center.
She is posting about things that keep her happy and keep her sane. (oops, an injury kept her from blogging the entire 24 hours. darn.)

  JPrintup of Feed A Monk is blogging for Sera Je Food Fund.
Each of her posts is a "self tag", to describe herself and her interests. She's vegan, so I obviously love her already (besides the fact that I supported her last year)!

Reading everyone's so-interesting entries, it's made me wish I would blog more often! So here I am.... Unfortunately I don't actually feel like typing anything. haha, here's a list of things that I don't feel like typing about.

The guinea pigs in my house are very cute. I think they are both left handed.

I've read 49 books so far this year. Last year I read 41 total.

I love the weeds in my garden. I had little yellow flowers, little pink flowers and purple flowers. I don't know what any of them are, but I now know that none of them are invasive species thanks to WeedIn.

I've not worked on my Desktop Publishing project (of the last blog entry) for five days now. I finished three signatures before I quit.

Numbrix fun and easy.

I've been wanting to get my box of journals out and photograph them, and my new handmade ones, too. But my laziness reigns supreme.

That is all. Hopefully I won't wait 11 days to post again. But you never know because I am unpredictable.

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