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tuesday 15 Apr 2008

It is really easy to get out of the habit of typing. And next thing you know, it's two weeks later! ha.

I've been reading like crazy, mostly trying to get to the end of the six book Wess'har series ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). It's scifi, the aliens are vegan and they're coming to Earth to set our environment right... probably killing most of the humans in the process. Well, that's not how it turned out, so I was very disappointed with the last book.

I'm now taking a "break" from reading fiction. I've got plenty of nonfic on hand tho. :)

And I really need to get back to my projects. Yeah, I've been avoiding working on anything. I would think "oh, I should work on such and such," but then I would think "but what about this other project?..." This is classic Scanner procrastinating!

Scanner Mascot

Last weekend, I wrote down all the projects currently in my head. There were only five! What? Just five? I could work on one project each day of the week, and do whatever on the weekend!

Monday was calligraphy day. And at some point, I realized that practicing calligraphy one day a week was not going to get me very far! And all five of my projects are like that... ongoing and needing practice.

Sighs! But at least I'm working on stuff again!

book cover And speaking of calligraphy... good lord, I suck! It's been so long that I can't even remember all the strokes to make some of the letters!

Fortunately, I've got a really good book, The Art and Craft of Hand Lettering. And I'll be reading it from the beginning, even tho I had gotten almost halfway through it last time.

first attempt

Yep, I need some practice. HA! :) Those stair step things at the beginning of my lines are the only thing I remember... The letter height is supposed to be proportional to the width of the calligraphy pen. So, you draw in three or four steps with the flat of your pen, and that's how high the letters are. I remembered I liked the roundness of three "stair steps," so that's what I was aiming for on my practice sheet.

The graph paper is a really good idea. Last time I was drawing in all my guide lines with a ruler... I could put my lines precisely where I needed them, but it was so stupidly tedious! With the graph paper, I don't have a precise upper line, but it's easy to guestimate. Plus it shows how very crooked my letters are.

So. We'll see how my new system goes, working on a different project every day. Hopefully, I will get back into the habit of typing again, too! :)

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