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ugh Week 4
sat 29 Mar 2008

Well. I have somehow turned into a lazy (but tidy) bump on the futon. This week, I spent a couple hours cleaning the apartment... and the rest of the time I'm either reading or watching DVDs or TV.

Yes, yes, it's totally pathetic. And I quit doing my drawing lessons again. And since I am not doing drawing practice, I am never going to be a real Artist. So I decided to give up and never draw again.

And then I drew something. But today I am back to never drawing again. heh.

In my "never drawing again" despair, I signed up for a postcard exchange at one of my new Yahoo groups. I've never done an exchange before, so I'm not really sure what to expect. I think I'm just going to get some stamps and print up one of my photos on some cardstock and cut it down to postcard size.

I was looking at Postcrossing's Flickr group to give me an idea of what people are doing. Doesn't seem to be many homemade cards.

My Significant Other found out I've never eaten beets before. I'm not sure why, except maybe they look funny. laughs!

He got us some pickled, canned beets. They are quite tasty.

My jobless bum daily schedule:

* wake up around 8am, and just lay there!
* get up around 9am, and do morning things like feed the guinea pig people.
* sit in front of the computer and surf and drink chocolate coffee for a while.
* eat miso for lunch and read the newspaper comics.
* read books and watch tv and drink coke and eat cookie bars until SO comes home in the evening.
* spend time with SO and go to bed.

I shouldn't watch so much tv, but I really like CSI. I also love my Firefly DVDs, I watch them over and over. I am also drinking way too much caffeine. And some days are more nutritious, but just barely! I hate to prepare food.

I should do more healthy things. Like exercise or eat properly. Maybe that will be my goal for next week.

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