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Tues 14 Aug 2007

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In order to get myself to post more often, I had invented "Eco Tuesday" where I would chat about random environmental concerns. Well. So much for that. Today is Vegan Tuesday. I don't know what next Tuesday will be!

Today is the birthday of one of my coworkers. Yep, I brought in my vegan Magic Chocolate Cake and everyone was happy. They always tell me how yummy my cake is. And in the beginning they couldn't believe it was vegan; how could it be so moist?

Well, I don't know. I just follow the directions and it comes out perfect every time. :)

One of the ladies asked for the recipe. So here I am, printing it up as I'm typing about it! The recipe is buried in the Compassionate Cooks website. Try it out, it really is the easiest baking that you will ever do!

Vegan Magic Chocolate Cake

Sunday Bread
Sun 10 June 2007

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Every Sunday, I make a loaf of whole wheat bread in the bread machine. My Significant Other and I use this bread in the lunches that we take to work. I've been doing this since about August 2006, when I finally developed the perfect loaf of sandwich bread.

I've got it down to a fine art. I've got the ingredients memorized and it takes me about 25 minutes, which includes clean up.

I always wash the measuring cups and spoons I use, by hand rather than putting them in the dish washer, because I might want to use them again that day for something else. (Lately, I've been making cookie bars!) I know that using the dish washer is more environmental, but washing by hand, I catch the grey water and give it to my poor garden. The soapy water discourages bugs and the plants need extra water, so it works out environmentally, anyway!

It's been a long time since I've eaten store bread. At the beginning, I wasn't always faithful about making loaves. It only happened a couple times, tho. You get used to homemade bread. And then you can actually taste the chemicals they put in store bread. And, trust me, it's gross. Yuck!

The bread machine takes 3h 18mins to do it's thing, and then I've got a beautiful hot loaf of wheat bread! I dump it out of the machine and let it cool down. Then I cut it in half and put each half into a ziplock bag. Both halves go into the freezer.

When we're ready for new bread, I pull out a half-loaf. I've found that it's much easier to cut the bread into slices when it's still frozen. It's a little too soft at room temperature. I cut eight slices, not including the two heel pieces which sometimes get a little thin. So, we can have four sandwiches out of the half-loaf. Which lasts two days, between SO and I.

At that rate, I occasionally have to make two loaves of bread in a weekend. Which is a little bit tedious, even tho it's less than 30 minutes of work. eh. It's okay because making bread makes me feel self-sufficient and healthy and vegan.

Perfect Static8 Sandwich Wheat Bread

1½ cup Whole Wheat Flour
1+ cup soy milk
2 or 3 tablespoons Oil

Nuke soy milk for 45sec and pour into the bread machine container with the wheat flour and oil. Soaking the wheat while you mix the other ingredients means you can use the "white bread" setting on the machine instead of the "wheat bread".

1¼ cup Unbleached Flour
¼ cup Wheat Gluten
3 or 4 tablespoons Sugar
¾ teaspoon Salt
1½ teaspoon Corn Starch
1½ teaspoon Yeast

Dump those ingredients into the machine and set it for a 1.5 pound loaf of white bread! Make sure it makes a good bread ball, I sometimes have to add some water because it's too dry. This makes a fairly sweet loaf of wheat, dense enough to slice for sandwiches without falling apart.

Vegan Food Cost
Wed 11 Apr 2007

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It's been a while since I've done a Midweek Munchies (vegan meme where we list what foods we've brought home). Partially, because I tend to buy the same foods and I was getting bored of typing the same thing over and over. And partially because, in March I spent over 220$ on groceries. ugh.

Two hundred dollars is just insane. I am just one person. and I am vegan. Vegetables do not cost this much!

Granted, I buy some things for "the house", that my boyfriend will eat as well. Like bulk almonds and Morning Star crumbles and Clif bars and flour and sugar. (He buys things for "the house" as well, so I would think it would average out, in the end.) And also granted that I've been on a stocking up craze. It just makes me happy to see the cupboard full.

But the 220 was a wake up call. I decided I would live off the cupboard, and not buy anything in April. uh huh. I ran out of yeast. And since I make bread every weekend, I really need yeast.

So, today's grocery run was 75$. Hopefully, I'm done with the grocery for the month. The Farmers Market just opened, tho, so I'm sure I'll be buying more food before the month is done. sighs.

My wakeup call is telling me I need to re-evaluate some of my convenience foods again. Specifically, I'd like to modify the lunches that I make to eat at work.

Right now, standard work food includes:

  Vegan/organic chocolate granola bar. Very expensive at 85¢ per bar. If I need more calories, I will eat a Clif bar instead, which is $1 to $1.50 per bar, depending on where it came from.

  Sandwich. Homemade bread buttered with Earth Balance with Yves Veggie Slices. I'm not sure how much it costs me to make my own bread, but I'm not worried about that cost because my vegan bread is much more healthy and self-sufficient than store bread. The Veggie Slices cost 3$/pack, a pack lasts a week, so that's 60¢ per day.

  Corn chips. I buy the family pack, 2.30$, and put a handful in a ziplock. Not sure how long the chips last, maybe several weeks. And I like my corn chips, so I'm not going to replace these.

  Coke. 35¢ per can (with the recycling deposit, which I don't usually get back because I let SO deal with the recycling). The coke is an addiction and a necessary convenience, at this point.

So, I want to think about replacing my morning granola bar, and my sandwich stuffing.

I don't eat a lot of fruit, but I could eat an apple at morning break. The apples I bought today (by weight) turned out to be 72¢ per apple. They were not organic, but they did come from the next state up so they are more local than regular apples from China. That's important.

And my mom provided me with a good granola bar recipe. I just need to figure out a way to "package" them for work since they tend to crumble randomly. Maybe wrap them up in foil, which I would obviously reuse. (um, it is obvious that I'm an environmentalist, isn't it?!) (jeez, I hope so!) (ha.)

For my sandwiches, I've decided to bake my own tofu. It was on sale today for a dollar a package, so I got several. It's usually $1.80, and would last a week, making it 36¢ per sandwich (the sale price is 20¢ per sandwich!). Much better than the 60¢ Veggie Slices, and a lot more robust. I'll be baking the tofu in some Newmans Own salad dressing, which will add to the cost, but much more healthy than the Veggie Slices.

There's always peanut butter, of course. Peanut butter sandwiches used to be my favorite, but apparently I've burned myself out on them. heh.

It's been a while since I've done homemade hummus, too. I don't have exact prices, guessing it would be $3 total for a can of chickpeas and a can of black olives... that batch lasts two weeks, so a sandwich of hummus would be a bit over 30¢ (other ingredients include small amounts of tahini and lemon juice). Cheap and yummy.

We'll see how it goes. I know that eating more homemade food is very good for me, but I also know that I get annoyed at the time it takes to make stuff. I am not a cook and I don't enjoy spending time in the kitchen. But this is important to me, so I will figure out how to do these things in the most efficient way I can!

An Inconvenient Truth
Sat 17 Feb 2007

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Climate change has been a pet interest of mine for many years. I read and save news articles about global warming, pollution, oil spills, factory farming, and the effects we are having on the natural world... dead zones, species extinctions, new diseases, death and destruction all around.

I've not written anything here in my online journal, mostly because it's all very disturbing to me. And overwhelming.

An Inconvenient Truth movie poster
Significant Other and I finally got around to watching Gore's An Inconvenient Truth last night. I thought I would be excessively annoyed because I knew Gore never mentions the fact that going vegan is the best thing you can do for the environment. Not only is it the easiest and cheapest thing, it also has the biggest impact.

But anyway. After a few scoffs at the "moral imperative" at the beginning of the movie, I did get into the spirit of the documentary. I enjoyed it and fully recommend it.

A thing that Gore mentioned in the movie that caught my attention... People learn about global warming and they skip over "what can I do to help" and go straight to despair. And then he shows a graph where a bunch of little things add up and put us at pre-70s CO2 emissions.

*nods* Little things!

And today, I found an article on the BBC about the dead zone off the coast of my state, Oregon. Yep, it was caused by climate change... Wind shifts devastate ocean life

In the meantime, they say, we must change our approach to managing and using these ecosystems, particularly for fish stocks.

"The most prudent course of action is to begin to think differently about what is happening," said Dr Luchenco.
Um, yeah... "thinking" is NOT a course of action. Putting a halt on fishing, fish farming, trawling, and eating sea creatures is a course of action.

Fishing Hurts, it's a PETA site, but the information is accurate. If you eat sea animals, you are supporting the most environmentally destructive of all meat industries.

My meat-eating Significant Other said that watching Howard Lyman, The Mad Cowboy on Out There TV made an impact on him. This truly encourages me and makes my life worth living. *laughs*

Rethinking Donations
Mon 5 Feb 2007

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The new year membership drives for all the non-profits have begun, and I've gotten requests in the mail from all my usual suspects. I have given money to PETA and the Humane Society faithfully for many years... But lately I've been wondering if I should continue.

I have been reading up on the Welfare vs Rights conflict... "Welfare" being "we can use animals but only if we are nice to them." "Rights" being "animals have their own interests and we should not use them for anything."

Animal Rights people wonder if we should support animal welfare. Some say "yes" in order to help the animals that are being used today. Some say "no" because we are wasting our time/money on something we think is wrong in the first place.

An example: Organizations gather money to help pass laws that ban pig gestation crates. These "crates" are so small that momma pig literally cannot move around. Do animal rights people support the passing of such laws? "Yes," to make breeding/food animals more comfortable during their life or "No," because the pigs shouldn't be used for breeding/food.

I am animal rights, but I supported animal welfare... (The HSUS is a welfare organization with a few rights programs and PETA is overtly a rights organization but it's welfare programs are increasingly hard to ignore.) While I think it's wrong to use animals for food, I think that the individual life of each farmed animal is important and we should do everything we can to make their life better. Like the HSUS, my thinking is a mixing of "rights" and "welfare".

Reading Gary Francione's blog posts at Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach got me wondering. Specifically, Veganism: The Fundamental Principle of the Abolitionist Movement and the follow-up Animals as Property and the Rape Analogy: A Postscript

The individual life is important. But there are many people who support welfare... both the HSUS and PETA are multi-million dollar orgs. Most people morally support welfare. So maybe I need to set my sights a little higher!

I am no longer going to support welfare programs. I think it's wrong that we torture and kill animals... And I think it's still wrong that we not-torture-quite-as-much-before-we-kill animals.

So, who am I going to support? There's a farm sanctuary in my state. They directly help animals. My local humane society is no-kill (altho our city is not). It's a start.

Midweek Munchies
Tues 6 Feb 2007

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Midweek Munchies, a veg*n meme!
A Veg*n Meme

What wonderful foods did you bring home from the grocery store?

Midweek Munchies: What RIFT is contributing for the week

A trip to the grocery store that was under 100$ and did not include any coke?! Are you kidding?! No, I am not kidding! That is precisely what happened yesterday!

I have managed to curb my coke addiction by going from two or three cokes a day, down to one coke a day. In January I bought two 24-packs that would last me until the end of February... And that is going just as I planned! So, no coke this run!

Same-old, same-old for work lunches, tho: organic granola bars, organic fig bars, corn & potato chips, and Yves Veggie Slices.

Stocking up the cupboard: canola oil, dang I go though this stuff like candy! ;) vegetarian vege bouillion, dry vegetable soup mix, a can of artichoke hearts yum. Some wheat germ for the sandwich bread I make every week. Tomato soup and some rainbow pasta that was on sale. Organic ketchup and some not-so-healthy but still vegan white frosting for my future chocolate cakes!

Oh, and my standard frozen broccoli, Morning Star Crumbles and fake strips.

Healthy things: bulk Almonds, a couple of apples, another spaghetti squash that I will keep buying until they are no longer there! Of course, a tangelo for Tegan the guinea pig.

New Things: I wanted some kind of dressing to use as a tofu marinade and I picked up some Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette.

And then, in the little organic section, I discovered Sweet Basil Pesto mix by Simply Organic. It's vegan! Homemade fresh basil pesto is the best, of course, but mixes are faster, cheaper, available and can live in the house for years! laughs.

Then SO came home and accused me of going to the grocery to get out of going to the gym to do my treadmilling.

Hey, ya know. I can only do so much!

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Have fun and Go Veg!

Wonderful Things
Sat 3 Feb 2007

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I woke up at 4:15 this morning to moonlight shining through the crack at the edge of my blinds. I pushed the blinds aside.

Silvery full moon, lighting up a huge halo of thin clouds, and shining through the winter-bare oak tree branches.

Oh my.
It was so heartrendingly beautiful.

One of my favorite poems is called Silver by Walter de la Mare. And I realized I need more poetry in my life.

I mean: My Gods! How can we Live without Poetry!

The Friday night date with my Significant Other was a wonderful trip to a vegetarian pizza joint called the Pizza Research Institute. It was just awesome. I had picked out this place because I had seen it several times on the top of "Best Pizza in town" lists... and I thought it was great that a vegetarian restaurant beat out all the other pizzas!

It's a tiny little hole in the wall. But the nice lady showed us the elevator seating in the back... Yes, we sat in an elevator, and it was nice and away from the insanity of millions of people coming in to get Friday night, best ever, pizza.

I got the standard vegan pizza: New York crust, just-spicy tomato sauce, mushrooms, spinach, tomato slices, no onions, and their fantastic creamy white sauce. Wow.

And I'm looking across at my boyfriend. Normally when we go out to eat, he would have a huge plate of dead animals, which is difficult to ignore and makes me incredibly sad but I try not to say anything about it. But this time he was eating a cheese Greek pizza. No meat, just the cheese. And it was a lot easier to think I live with this guy, I spend time with this guy.

Even if it's just one dinner, a vegetarian boyfriend is much easier to live with.

And speaking of beautiful veg*n things... Gary at wrote a great post the other day.

Petting Every Animal in the World

... So there are countless animals that we confine to horrid situations and short lives, and it is pervasive, and un-ending, and yet right in front of us is this one animal -- loved, precious, beautiful. Unique. An ambassador, perhaps, for all animals. One lucky individual, free from all the various institutions that treat animals as expendable commodities, as disposable inventory, as things.

As an ethical vegan, I do think about the millions of farmed animals who are killed every day. The billions, every year. It's a heavy weight on the soul. And Gary puts it just perfectly. I share my home with Tegan the guinea pig. I do my best for her.

But there's still the billions. I wish I could save them all.

Introduction to Animal Rights, book by Gary Francione

And, I've just discovered Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach a blog written by Gary Francione, the author of Introduction to Animal Rights. Great book, and the couple posts that I've read at the blog are great too, I can't wait to wade all the way through the web site!

A local vegan chocolate company, Chocolate Decadence, has been getting some attention. A write up in the newspaper, Sweet surprise and a post over at my favorite vegan news blog, SuperVegan: Chocolate Decadence Celebrates Tenth Anniversary.

And I still haven't eaten any of this chocolate?!
Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Okay, so if you haven't figured it out yet: Vegan == Wonderful.

Hm, vegan poetry about the silvery moon?

Well, de la Mare's poem is animal-friendly, at least.

Silver by Walter de la Mare

After the Fact Note:

Um. Hm. That's not animal friendly. The dog should not be sleeping in a kennel, s/he should be sleeping in the house with their people. And the doves' "shadowy cote"... I thought that was the name of the place where doves live... but it might be the place where stupid humans keep them.

bleh. My poem falls from grace.

Wed 10 Jan 2007

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Midweek Munchies, a veg*n meme!
A Veg*n Meme

What wonderful foods did you bring home from the grocery store?

Midweek Munchies: What RIFT is contributing for the week

A big "stocking up" run to the grocery yesterday afternoon. I spent 160$, and I'm pretty sure I won't have to go back, ever!


I bought coke like usual, but one of my random goals for 2007 is to reduce my coke consumption. Right now, I'm going down to one coke a day. I bought enough coke to last to the end of Feb. (at that rate). We'll see how that goes!

Food for Lunch at Work
I needed bread making supplies and plain flour was on sale so I took all that was left on the shelf! Also got wheat flour, sugar and Sugar in the Raw.

Several cans of chick peas and black olives will be turned into hummus to put on that homemade bread!

Got a thing of Yves veggie slices and some corn chips. Instead of the overpriced vegan granola bars, I found some Newmans fig bars. I just glanced at the ingredients, but I'm pretty sure they're good. And some Double Stuff Oreos for dessert, yum. (Yes, they're vegan!)

Stocking Up
Tegan food: an orange and an apple. oh, and a new water bottle, just 'cause.

Frozen: French style green beans, broccoli, Morning Star Crumbles and Fake Steak Strips.

Top Ramen Oriental, barley for soup, corn meal for my yummy vegan corn bread, bulk pasta and a box of whole wheat pasta. Earth Balance marg, and another spaghetti squash. Artichoke hearts yum, chocolate chips yum.

Some organic coffee, I'm more interested in getting some shade-grown coffee, but I've never found that at Safeway and I forget to look when I'm at the natural foods store. Black tea and some apple cider dry mix to make the tea taste better.

New Things
A can of mandarin oranges because that just sounded good. Hershey syrup, because I heard it was vegan. Maybe put it in my coffee? Maybe just eat it, plain. ha.

Peanut Oil, just as an alternative cooking oil. Some bulk almonds because they are healthy! Fresh, organic spinach because that's really healthy!

And some organic edamame, because vegans talk about it and I have no idea what they are saying! But soon I will, when I eat it!

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PURPOSE of Midweek Munchies: Put together by a small group of Veg Women, we hope to spread the word about healthy vegetarianism while obtaining idea starters for meals, recipes, learn about new products, and meet other female veg*n bloggers. Visiting and commenting on other participants lists are encouraged but not required.
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