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Sat 21 July 2007

I am still looking for sponsors at my Blogathon blog,! I've been posting random tidbits over there, so it's not quite as empty and echo-y anymore. :)

Monday morning I woke up with a sore throat. Tuesday afternoon I started sniffling. Wednesday I had to stay home from work and sleep all day. Thursday and Friday, I made it through the day job by taking countless pills. Today is Saturday, and I'm trying to give the pill-popping a rest... this morning I was so congested I couldn't even hear, let alone breath; my sinuses are very much trying my patience!

At work, I'm training new people. Not something that I particularly enjoy, and especially frustrating when they quit after a couple days. I'll be training the third sometime next week. On top of that, we'll be doing some overtime. (But not on Saturday, because I'll be at home blogging all day!)

And poor little Tegan the guinea pig! She had me very worried the other day because she was having trouble walking! I couldn't figure out if it was one leg, both legs or maybe her back, but her back end was definitely stumbling.

She was walking fine the next day, and she is back to wandering aimlessly around the room. SO wondered if she had taken a nap in a bad position. I wondered if she had pulled a muscle or hurt her back when she jumps in and out of her house. I fixed that potential problem by cutting a dent in the coroplast which makes up the tray of her house. There are even more newspaper shards being spread, now, but Tegan's able to walk her way in and out.

Tegan with a new dent in her house

(The above photo was an experiment. During Blogathon, I will have 30 minutes between posts, and so I'm trying to figure out how long it takes to take photos and upload them to the computer then clean up the pic then upload them online. This experiment was a total failure! As soon as I opened up my Paint Shop Pro software the computer had to crash for the next 15 minutes! laughs. Poor computer needs some more memory. And I doubt I'll be able to get some in the next week. The photos may be few and far between at LeafShadows!)

So anyway. I'd really like to use next week to rest up for the Blogathon event on Saturday. But working overtime, and still advertising to get sponsors, the resting part will be tough.

eh. That's okay. I have a boundless vat of vegan creativity to call upon, after all!


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