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Sat 26 May 2007

um, yeah, sorry about that unannounced, month long, hiatus. I just haven't felt like typing. At the day job, I am stressed out, over worked, and annoyed by the co-workers. I come home physically exhausted and depressed.

I am trying to do the good things you're supposed to do when you're stressed. Eating better, exercising and going out for walks, journaling, and letting my SO take care of stuff (without feeling guilty about not pulling my share).


Maybe I'm just ready for something new and different. A different day job would be ideal, but that's a lot of work to go looking for a new job. And probably the new job would be just as crappy as the old job, with the added discouragement of having no health insurance for three to six months. sighs.

So, I got my hair cut off, instead. I went from ~14inch hair to 2inch hair. ha! I like it.

I've also been doing my Reiki again. During xmas time, I had gotten out of the habit and never went back. But it's a nice evening meditation to do for a few minutes before I go to sleep. I can't believe I still remember all the symbols.

(I am just a R.1, but I use the R.2 symbols and send distance healing to people, animals, especially farmed animals, and the earth.) And today is my two year anniversary for my Reiki 1 attunement!

Yeah. So. What else?

Well, I guess I could try and revive the web site. :) So here I am, typing away. Some interesting things happened while I was away, which I may or may not be typing more extensively about:

  My parents visited, and we went out to the Pacific coast, and down to Crater Lake, and to a local rhododendron garden in full bloom.

  My birthday, I got a delightful new plant from my SO and some great books from my parents and a trip to Amazon provided by my bro.

  The worms are doing great. Unfortunately we are having a fruit fly problem.

um, okay, not much happened. But it's just been a month... do you expect me to save the whole world in just a month?!

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