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Friday 5 Outsiders
Fri 27 Apr 2007

Been a while since I've typed... Earth Day really depressed me and I just haven't felt like playing on the computer lately. So, here's some friday five prompts to get me back to blogging...

friday 5 meme

Friday 5 for 27 Apr 2007 Outsiders

  • What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I am definitely not an active type person. I enjoy just being in nature... walking, looking at stuff, spending time with my poor little garden. Sometimes I'll read the newspaper comics on the back patio.

  • Are you outdoors not often enough, too often, or just often enough?

Not often enough. A desire for nature is in my blood, and being with nature was part of my upbringing. I know that going out walking would do me so much good. But I get lazy, and I get obsessed with reading and computering.

  • When was the last time you slept in a tent?

I'm sure I've slept in a tent at some point? I don't remember. My parents had a camper for most of my childhood, and that's how we usually got out.

  • Where is your favorite beach?

I've never lived near an ocean, and going to a lake was a rarety when I was growing up because my mom is scared of the water. But I have been to Waikiki, Hanauma Bay, and the military base beach on the other side of Oahu. I wouldn't dare to pick a favorite amoung those! We also had a vacation in Destin, FL. That was nice. And I've been to the Oregon coast near Florence. I liked that, very different.

  • In what social, academic, or professional group are you on the outer fringes of? In what social, academic, or professional group are you right in the middle of?

I am not even close to the outer fringes of any social group! "Get away from me you stupid people!" I am occasionally on the fringes of a few online groups, lurking at vegan or art journal groups. But lately I can't be bothered. eh.

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