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Earth: Doomed
Fri 13 Apr 2007

It suddenly occured to me the other day that April is the month of Earth Day (Apr 22). And I should be typing about the environment. I went surfing on the Internet, to find some inspiration... and didn't really find any.

And then I ran into this site: Earth Day Energy Fast

The front page says that global warming has passed the tipping point, and Earth Day has failed. And the site itself is "a living historical document that an attempt was made from the grassroots to use Earth Day as the mechanism to create behavioral change which could possibly slow and reverse global warming." In other words, they've given up.

Yep. I agree with the information they are presenting. And the sentiment: people are just too stupid to learn anything or change anything, and there is no way we can turn things around now, so we may as well just "let" the stupid people run right into their catastrophies, dragging us all down, earth and animals included.


I am extremely pessimistic... heck, maybe the word is hopeless. But I am still doing everything that I can to reduce my impact. So, the idea of an Energy Fast interests me.

April 22 falls on a Sunday this year. So a energy fast would at least be feasible.

No driving, but I don't usually drive outside of work anyway. I'd have to keep the computer off. The computer is my main source of entertainment, but I have plenty of books to read and a notebook to write and draw in.

No cooking. But raw food / fruitarian is the vegan ideal, anyway. Am I "allowed" to open the fridge? Technically, that wastes energy!

No hot water either. Fortunately, washing your hands in cold water is actually better for you (and makes no difference to the germs). Unfortunately, a cold shower is not something I would willingly survive. haha.

Makes you think about how dependant we are on energy/electricity. We use it without a thought. You may automatically turn off the light as you leave the room... But what about all the other lights in that room, the little LED lights: your alarm clock, the "ready" lights on your stereo, tv, computer junk, phone.

And then think about everything you buy... it all took energy to make and to transport. And the environmental cost is not reflected in the dollars and cents cost that you pay. And then you throw it away, and it takes up space in a landfill.

We keep taking, and taking, from the earth, and we never give back anything good, only poisons.

Well, anyway. If you're like me, and want to put your life energy into a hopeless cause, here's what you should be doing:

  Go Vegan.

  Buy Local.

  Plant Trees. Plant a Garden. Have Houseplants.

  Quit Driving.

  Turn Things Off.

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