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Sat 10 Mar 2007

Another tough week. I've still not found the right "groove" in my new position at my day job, stressing about it and not sleeping well to boot. eh.

So, this weekend should have been a continuation of last weekends mini-vacation. And let me tell you about last weekend's happiness...

Delightful Doodles. This is an online class I bought from Nicolette, it came as a 24 page PDF filled with tips and "how to draw" doodles and colouring ideas and happy things.

The class is named correctly, because I was absolutely delighted. So delighted that I bought the two other PDFs that she has in the Doodle set: More Delightful Doodles and Superior Scribbles. :)

I got these classes because I don't do doodles. I can and do draw -- I have some minor natural talent. But no doodling. I think I am just way too left-brained.

But I really wanted to jazz up my paper journal. It's gotten kinda blah in the last few weeks. I rarely take the time to draw or even write anything of interest. So, I wanted something happy and colourful in there.

Yep, my journal is perking up. Some flowers here and there, and then suddenly a drawing that takes up most of a full page. Yay.

So! Go and check out Nicolette's blog, and if you like her style, the PDF's that she offers are in the left sidebar. Here's a free doodle: Dragonfly Lesson!

So. I said I "should" continue my mini-vacation... but here's what's really happening this weekend:

  Reading Magazines
  Some laundry :P
  Some pretty good Internet surfing
  A good Amazon run building
  And a few drinks in the evening

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