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Sun 18 Feb 2007

I threw some seeds down in my garden today. The middle of February, this far north, seems insanely early for a garden. But there has been a bit of rain the last couple of weeks. And the temperatures have been warmer than they are supposed to be. Hopefully it'll be okay.

The normal high and low temperature for this time of year is 51°/35°... and for the past couple of weeks most days have been warmer than that. In fact yesterday it was 64°/38°.

Last year, I didn't plant until the end of March. There were still a few below-freezing nights during that month. So, we'll see if that happens and if my seeds will survive.

A problem last year was that right after I planted, it quit raining. The forecast calls for rain showers all this week. We actually need some heavy rain since we are already five inches behind on our rainfall this year.

So anyway. My garden is exactly the size of a door. Very small, ya know. And also, it gets no light, the dirt is so poor that only a couple weeds want to live there, and during the summer when it quits raining, it turns into a brick.

I had a couple of orange wildflowers who loved it. But they got killed in January when we had some snow and a week or so of below freezing temperatures. sad. And I have a couple of irises which I planted in Fall 2005, and have yet to have any flowers. Maybe this year. It looks like my parsley plant, that I planted last summer has also survived.

This will be my third year with my garden. The only other thing I've gotten to grow were some pea plants. I think I got about five pea pods. heh.

Along with my wildflower seeds, I planted more peas today. The marigolds, helichrysum, basils and mint have never grown before, and probably won't, ever. But they are in the dirt.

There's a month to go before we get our worm box, and it'll be months before we have any compost from that. But hopefully that will help the dirt a little for next year.

Also, once the farmer's market opens, I hope to get some other plants to add. I'm thinking more wildflowers. I think trying to grow food in that spot is just a hopeless endeavor. But flowers will make me happy.

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