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Sat 10 Feb 2007

I have been thinking off and on for years now about switching this online journal to some blogging software.

Occasionally, I think it would be nice to have a commenting system in place. Right now, you have to email me, and for many people that's too personal... Then again there are a lot of stupid people out there trolling and I don't have to deal with that!

And then I think it would be nice to just type my journal entry and have the software do it's thing and I'm done. Right now, every time I have a journal entry, I have to update six other files beyond the actual journal entry. Not a big deal, it takes maybe five minutes. And I do love seeing raw code, even if it's just HTML.

And then I wonder if it would be nicer to have a long page of multiple journal entries on my front page, like everyone else. I shy away from that because my front page can be long already, with just one journal entry on it!

Lately, I've been thinking about tags and how easily the blog software can categorize your journal entries. You click on a tag that says "vegan" and you get all my journal entries about vegan things. Or "Booking Thru Thursday". Or "Midweek Munchies".

Eh. Is it over rated? Is it worth having to learn a new system in order to make new web designs? Is is worth having to _move_ my online journal? Is it worth not having as much control over every single web page? Is it worth losing my uniqueness?

Not sure, but I have started experimenting. I've set up the software, WordPress, at a temporary site in order to see how it works and how easy it will be for me to make a new site design. We'll see...

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