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24 Nov 2006 ... Many Thinkings

I have been out of sorts. Yes, that is how I will name it. I am inordinately annoyed by a day job thing. It's made me grumpy, and not thinking about the proper things.

The proper things being... Saving the Animals, Saving the World, and Keeping myself happy.

Saving the animals...

It is a sad time of the year, with so many people going out of their way to pay for the torture and murder of innocent animals. If you eat meat, you are adding to the violence in the world. Go Vegan for Peace!

I have concluded that I need to revitalize and re-commit to my own veganism. I was really getting careless with the milk chocolate candy indulgences. And the other day when I was cooking up my Amy's Soy Cheese Pizza, I remembered it's got some kind of stupid milk derived nonsense in it.

I don't remember what happend to my idea to add more whole foods to my diet. I've been buying ever more processed (but vegan) foods, and I'm spending even less time cooking/preparing my dinners. Three minute nuking of ramen or tater tots is all the effort I can handle, lately.

But, there is vegan hope! I have been doing really well about making my vegan sandwich bread. And my Significant Other is eating it as well. And spaghetti squash is so wonderful, I had SO buy us another one!

Also in Happy Vegan Land, I adopted TWO turkeys at Farm Sanctuary this year! Hildy, I just couldn't resist her beautiful photo, and Tinkerbell because I seriously need some magic fairy dust.

Hildy's polite, but tells it like it is, "Please, dear, go vegan. Farm animals have suffered enough."
Tinkerbell is a feisty little peep, sprinkling her "fairy dust" all over the farm. She will win your heart when she whispers in your ear how thankful she is to find her "Neverland" at Farm Sanctuary.

Links: Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Turkey Project
the Turkey Adoption List, Hildy is the first turkey pictured and Tinkerbell is the last.

Saving the World

I have been participating rather half-heartedly in the Slate Green Challenge, "a straightforward program to evaluate and reduce your carbon emissions between now and the end of the year." From the initial quiz, I discovered that I am already an awesome environmentalist...

Your annual carbon emissions are 10,263 lbs.
Average carbon emissions per year, per person: United States: 44,312

The "half-hearted" participation is mostly due to a lack of organized time. I'd really like to read more of the articles and type about the whole thing here. so: more about this later?

Saving Me

aka, keeping me happy. I'm not sure what is involved here, but it has something to do with art, reading, my SO, Tegan the guinea pig, other animals and living things.

My Art by the Inch challenge got weird. I've been going back and forth about posting my drawing and paintings. Yep: more about this later.

I'm not reading as much as I'd like. It's that time factor, again. But also a lack of inspiring reading material. heh... sometimes I go through periods when I am reading books just to say I've read them.

SO will be on the other side of the continent next week because of a business trip. I am happy for him that he gets to do some travelling. But it'll be strange around here without him.

"Hey!" I say to Tegan. "How are you? Are you okay? Are you a Happy Guinea Pig?" I ask. She just looks at me and says "Can I have another treat now?"

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