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16 Nov 2006 ... Booking: Reading Lists part 2

Booking Through Thursday meme

  • So, last week we asked you if you kept a list of books that you're interested in, wanting to read, wanting to buy, etc. This week, we want to know--do you keep a list of the books you've READ? If so, how? In a journal? A notebook? On the computer?

Yes, the list of books that I've already read is in my journal, in a commonplace book, on my handheld with a backup on my computer! ha. Each list contains the exact same list of books but the amount of other information varies...

In my journal, I set aside one of the front pages for my book list. Here, I just write the title of the book. I separate the list into "books I've read this year" and "books I've read during this journal".

In my commonplace book, I list books by title, author and sometimes copyright date. If it's a book of short stories, I write all the story titles and authors. I group books by month. I write book quotes in this book... something that amuses me, or that perfectly sums up a book, or just some random thing that strikes me. I list everything I read in my commonplace book... so I've got magazines and newsletters here as well as my books.

The list on my handheld is in a database... I think it was the very first software I purchased for my Palm! It's called Bookbag by WakefieldSoft and I like using it. Highly recommended!

The software has input fields for about everything you could think of about a book. The ones I fill in are: title, author, format, read date, price, page count and copyright date. I've change the "rating" field to a "year" field and to figure out how many books I've read this year, I just do a filter search on 2006... "Found 43 Recs"... (my goal for the year is 52.) I've listed all the books I've read since year 2000!

So, yeah. Redundant lists. Because I obsess. And as much as I like the Bookbag software, I love my commonplace book the most. It's so interesting to page through and read my old quotes. I've often thought about putting the book online, I even bought a domain for it... maybe later...

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