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15 Oct 2006 ... RND

Yikes! A fire at work on Friday (the 13th!). First thing in the morning, everyone had just started running their machines. We usually run a few papers before printing up our decal material... and the few papers got caught up in the dryer in the machine next to me!

They came out flaming! And my only thought is "gods! I don't know where the fire extinguishers are!" ha. The supervisor pulled the flaming paper out and threw it on the floor where I stomped the fire out. Other people turned off the dryer and pulled flamable things out of the way. And it was all over in a few minutes.

Oh, it was exciting. Way, Too exciting. I don't want to do that again.

I looked around, and found a decent sized fire extinguisher right behind me. Because there probably will be an "again".

The book I was reading, Get Off the Unicorn, is actually an eBook, from FictionWise, and since I've just finished it, I decided to get another ebook of short stories. I bought The Year's Best SF #1, edited by David Hartwell, which is a series my brother reads, and not to be confused with The Year's Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois!

I have never had a problem with the few ebooks that I've bought. I pay, I download immediately, I hotsych my handheld and I can start reading it... all within a few minutes from the time I decide I need to have it!

But this time, I went to open my new book... and it gave me an error. Eh? It says it wants Palm Reader version 1.1.28 or later. I have version 1.1.26. humph. So I looked for an upgrade, and they are all the way up to eReader version 2.6.3. sheesh, am I behind the times or what?!

And now I guess I need to think about buying the Pro version. Tho the free version is fine, and I'll probably never use any of the pro features, I do like to support software that I use. It's just $10 after all and comes with a free dictionary which might be nice.

I have been in an Artistic Dud Phase for a very long while now. I've tried to get out of it, I've joined a few online groups to give myself new ideas. I've bought a few crafty tools from the store. I've paged through my Dover books, looking for something to draw.

I have been making a couple abstract arts here and there. But nothing is really exciting me or getting me motivated.

Next month, November, is "traditionally" the month for Art By The Inch, the companion challenge to National Novel Writing Month. Altho the Art by the Inch website has been defunct and not updated since spring 2004, there are still people who do the challenge on their own. In fact, there's a couple people who are doing a challenge this month: Artober Fest 2006.

I did Art by the Inch in Nov 2004 and completed 2,500 square inches. My profile is still up at the defunct site -- rift -- and some of my scans are on my site -- S8: 2004 ABTI.

I am pretty proud of the book full of art that I made. And I would love to make a new book of art. But then I remember how much work the 2,500 inches was... two hours of art every evening?!

eh. We'll see.

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