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28 July 2006 ... Tough Week

It's been 9½ hours of work every day, I feel like I'm barely surviving. I've got a two day weekend in front of me, but it's probably not enough to catch up on. sighs.

Our heat wave finally broke today. Last weekend we had record high temperatures, not fun with no air conditioning -- at home or at work. It's supposed to stay under 80°F this weekend. Which'll be downright cold after those 100°+ days!

I've been missing Tegan the guinea pig. Due to the heat, she moved downstairs where it's slightly cooler. Usually I move her back to her house in my room in the evening so we can sleep in the same general proximity... But it never cools down, so she stays downstairs in her "summer home" as SO calls it.

Today, tho, my room finally cooled down under 80° and so she's right next to me, happy to be home after a week away.

The extra hours at work aren't too bad. But I am sacrificing my real life for that pathetic amount of overtime pay...

I can't visit all my usual web sites every day like I _Have_ to. There's no time to blog, and nothing to type anyway. I can't sit and read my books for hours on end like I _Must_. There's no time to just sit and think. And what about all my little projects I have going here and there? nope.

And I skip days in my journals.

I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy.

Well. Definitely getting grumpy about it, and life in general.

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